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IBM Virtualization Best Practice Guide - Version 4 updates

By Pete Heyrman posted Mon July 27, 2020 04:46 PM

IBM Virtualization Best Practice Guide - Version 4 updates
Optimizing Performance

The IBM Power System Performance team recently published an update to the IBM POWER Virtualization Best Practices Guide . This guide provides information, examples and in-depth information about the following topics:

  • Virtual Processor - Advice on choosing the right entitlement and number of virtual processors for VMs.
  • Information about AIX processor folding and how this affects performance
  • AIX tuning information related to Simultaneous Multi-Threading (SMT)
  • Hardware Page Table tuning information
  • Resource management by the PowerVM Hypervisor including:
    • VM resource assignment ordering
    • Overview of how the PowerVM Hypersior makes resource assignment decisions
    • How to display the resources assigned to a VM
    • How to optimize resource assignments
    • **NEW** Partition mobility and DPO considerations for Linux
    • User controls over resource assignments
    • Resource assignment considerations for failover, DR, Partition Mobility, server evacuation
    • How licensing affects resource assignments
  • Energy Scale™
  • Processor Compatibility Modes

Many of the ideas for the chapters came from customer requesting information about a specific topic. This lead to the development of the IBM Virtualization Best Practice Guide as a resource for POWER customers.  A new update is planned for later this year based on feedback from our customers.

Contacting the PowerVM Team
Have questions for the PowerVM team or want to learn more?  Follow our discussion group on LinkedIn IBM PowerVM or IBM Community Discussions