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IBM Champion Spotlight: Andrey Klyachkin

By Namitha K posted Tue June 04, 2024 01:03 PM


Andrey Klyachkin is an IBM Champion with a deep passion for UNIX-based operating systems, particularly IBM AIX, which he considers to be the world's best operating system. Currently he is working as a Solution Architect at eNFence. Since becoming an IBM Champion in 2020, he has been actively advocating for AIX through various means, including blogging, community engagement, and speaking engagements. His primary goal is to showcase the capabilities of AIX and assist users in overcoming their challenges. He says; “I am a big fan of IBM AIX. It is UNIX-based operating system working on IBM Power servers and serving almost the whole world’s economy. What do we want from the world’s economy? It should stably grow and do people wealthier. This is exactly what IBM AIX with IBM Power provides– the stable and reliable foundation for your company’s growth. Because it is standard UNIX-based product, it is compatible with everything and truly expandable. The most reliable piece of software in the world!

Throughout his career, Andrey has found immense value in advocacy activities like blog posts, community involvement, and speaking engagements; “I enjoy all types of advocacy- I blog on LinkedIn,  I answer questions on IBM Community site, I speak at conferences and events. Sometimes I do videos in YouTube, help organising events like Common Europe Congress (the biggest community-driven IBM Power event in Europe). But I think my favorite type of advocacy is to help IBM Power and IBM AIX users to solve their complex problems. If they know how to solve their problems, it makes them happy users of the platform”.

Andrey is keen to give back to the Community and became an IBM Champion to demonstrate to the world that AIX is a modern operating system capable of managing even the most demanding IT infrastructure challenges. According to him, AIX can solve every problem and it can work with different other technologies since it is integrated into the ecosystem. Out of his many significant accomplishments, he is proud of an achievement in particular- he ported several applications to IBM AIX and made them freely available on his website. One of the applications was Ansible AWX – web user interface for Ansible and it helped many of their customers to automate their AIX and IBM Power environments. This was much appreciated by the users and Community members.

To those who are interested in becoming an IBM Champion, Andrey advises first considering one's strengths and interests, and then seeking opportunities to contribute to the community through blogging, creating videos, answering questions, or other means. He emphasises that the process is straightforward and can be accomplished quickly with minimal effort. In addition to his advocacy efforts, Andrey has several upcoming speaking engagements, including Common Europe Congress in June 2024, and GSE Germany, Working Group IBM Power in June 2024. These events provide opportunities for Andrey to share his knowledge and expertise with a wider audience and continue to build his reputation as a leading voice in the technology community. If he weren’t a part of the technology world, he would have been a novel writer!

  Lightning round:

·                      What would be your superpower and why? I can stop computer from working

·                      Ice cream or cake? Ice cream

·                      Cats or dogs? Dogs

·                      Summer or winter? Both

·                      Morning or evening? Evening

·                      eBook or paper book? Paper book even if I read more eBooks

·                      TV shows or movies? Movies

·                      A night out or a night in? Night in, unless I at some event with friends

·                      Cannonball into the pool or dip a toe in first? Cannonball

·                      Go-to karaoke song? I don’t sing at all

·                      Drive or fly? Drive

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Fri June 07, 2024 11:27 AM

Hello Andrey very nice to read this spotlight.

Unfortunate I could not join the Common in Milan this week, but next year I will be there promised! 

Please keep on doing the good work, and sharing your knowledge and passion we have for AIX on Power.