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IBM Champion Spotlight: Mafaaz Salam

By Namitha K posted Thu May 09, 2024 05:56 AM


Meet our new Power Champion Mafaaz Salam who is a Solution Architect at South Asian Technologies (PVT) Limited. He is an accomplished professional with a master's degree and first-class in BSc (Computer systems), passionately leverages cutting-edge technology for innovation. With over 12 years of experience, including 8 years at IBM Sri Lanka, Mafaaz specializes in AIX and IBM Power Systems. Dedicated to fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange, he serves as an advocate for IBM products. Mafaaz's contributions include analytical writings, thorough testing, and insightful publications on new IBM products. Recognized as an IBM Champion, he remains at the forefront, driving excellence and promoting knowledge exchange in the dynamic realm of technology.

His favorite aspect of working with IBM Power and AIX is their ability to orchestrate IT operations efficiently, enabling businesses to run critical applications smoothly. He says; “It stands as the vital puzzle piece, injecting efficiency into the orchestration of IT operations for cutting-edge business-critical applications, all orchestrated by a savvy decision making algorithm”. Blogging is his preferred mode of advocacy, as it offers a versatile platform that allows for in-depth exploration of topics, expression of opinions, and meaningful discussions. He appreciates the written words and the ability to craft detailed narratives, making blogging an engaging and effective form of advocacy for him.

His motivation for giving back to the technology community stems from a passion for knowledge sharing and collaboration. By participating as an IBM Champion, he aims to foster a vibrant and inclusive environment where everyone can learn from each other and grow together. One of his most significant accomplishments is his decade-long journey with IBM, during which he has had the pleasure of working with numerous exceptional colleagues and clients. He adds, “During this time, I had the privilege of engaging with numerous customers, tackling intricate challenges, and successfully resolving major issues. The satisfaction of receiving praise from clients for our collaborative problem-solving efforts has been incredibly rewarding. These experiences not only honed my technical expertise but also reinforced my commitment to delivering impactful solutions and fostering positive client relationships in the dynamic landscape of IT”.

If he were not working in technology, he would pursue his passion for cooking as a culinary chef. He enjoys creating delicious dishes and bringing joy to people through the art of cooking.

He is honoured to be recognized as an IBM Champion due to his unwavering dedication to advancing technology, sharing insights, and fostering collaboration within the IBM community. He looks forward to connecting with fellow Champions, engaging in insightful discussions, and contributing to the growth and success of the IBM ecosystem.

Lightning round:

• What would be your superpower and why? Batman, my superpower would be unmatched detective skills, allowing me to analyse information, solve complex problems, and excel in strategic thinking.

• Ice cream or cake? Cake

• Cats or dogs? Cats

• Summer or winter? Winter

• Morning or evening? Morning

• eBook or paper book? Paper Book

• TV shows or movies? Movies

• A night out or a night in? Both

• Cannonball into the pool or dip a toe in first? dip

• Go-to karaoke song? No

• Drive or fly? Fly Lightning round:

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