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IBM Champion Spotlight: Mike Davison

By Namitha K posted Wed February 07, 2024 10:29 PM



We are vey proud to welcome all the new Champions to the family and let us get to know about one of our new Champions in this edition of Spotlight series; Mike Davison! 

Mike is working as EMEA Support Team Lead in Fortra. He has worked on IBM equipment in IT Operations since starting on the 4381 running VM/VSE as a trainee Operator in 1987. He has worked for blue-chip companies in global data centres and has a varied 30+ years’ experience of IBM Power, IBM i, IBM AIX, VIOS, UNIX, Linux, Storage, and Disaster Recovery. Currently Mike’s main role is to develop and get the very best out of EMEA Support Team, whilst working with customers and teams in Fortra to provide help with Support, Sales and Professional Services. His favourite IBM Product is the Power platform because it can run IBM i, IBM AIX and Linux!

His favourite form of advocacy is speaking at events and sharing his knowledge. He says, “I didn’t have these platforms/forums when I was a youngster learning these skills, so I want to make my knowledge available to others!”.

         He is proud of the fact that he can ‘speak’ all three languages of the Power platform; “I have worked on and administered IBM i, IBM AIX, IBM VIOS and Linux in various power systems over my working life, so I can help people understand the different Operating Systems that run on Power by making comparisons between them”. If he weren’t a part of the technology world, he pictures himself as an airline pilot or an outdoor pursuits instructor!

Meet Mike in-person for his sessions at COMMON Europe Congress in Milan and i-UG Northampton in June on various topics including security and system administration.

Lightning round:

·      What would be your superpower and why?  The ability to teleport.

·      Ice cream or cake? Depends!

·      Cats or dogs? Both

·      Summer or winter? Summer

·      Morning or evening? Either

·      eBook or paper book? Paper

·      TV shows or movies? Movies

·      night out or a night in? Depends!

·      Cannonball into the pool or dip a toe in first? Cannonball

·      Go-to karaoke song? Bohemian Like You by the Dandy Warhols.

·      Drive or fly? Fly

Connect with Mike in LinkedIn and Community page.