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IBM Champion Spotlight: Andy Youens

By Namitha K posted Tue October 17, 2023 04:56 AM


Meet Andy Youens, Managing Director at FormaServe Systems Ltd and an IBM Champion for the past 3 years! Andy loves public speaking and has been conducting training courses since 1990. He has also been speaking at user groups, which he started twenty years ago at Common UK.

His favourite IBM product is IBM i, and he says, "It includes the integration of many services, security, database, programming, etc. It has adapted itself to the ever-changing world of technology, with open source integration into programs that were written many decades ago. My company has been dedicated to this platform, and that was a great decision over 33 years ago. The platform has served us well."

Andy's desire to give back to the technology community stems from a sense of gratitude and a recognition of the importance of knowledge-sharing that he received at the beginning of his career in IT. He takes great pride in completing Royal Navy training, which gave him an early insight into Technology and Cryptography. If he weren't a part of the technology world, his dream job would be to become a Royal Navy Admiral!

IBM Champion nominations are now open, and his message to the prospects is, "The major benefit of becoming an IBM Champion, in my view, is its networking opportunities. It provides me with access to a global network of like-minded professionals who are just as passionate about IBM technologies as I am."

Join Andy at the next i-UG (UK) workshops in November 2023 and IBM TechXchange Barcelona in January 2024.

Lightning round

  1. What would be your superpower and why? To rid disabled people of constant pain.

  2. Ice cream or cake? Anything with rum in it.

  3. Cats or dogs? Neither; I'm not an animal person.

  4. Summer or winter? Summer.

  5. Morning or evening? No preference.

  6. eBook or paper book? eBook.

  7. TV shows or movies? Anything decent!

  8. A night out or a night in? In.

  9. Cannonball into the pool or dip a toe in first? A very, very slow cannonball.

  10. Go-to karaoke song? Any Navy Sea shanties.

  11. Drive or fly? Fly.

Connect with Andy in LinkedIn and Community page.


Want to be part of the community of IBM Champions? You can jump on the path through the IBM Rising Champions advocacy badge program or nominate to become a 2024 IBM Champion through the end of November 2023.