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Key Benefits of Power10 Hybrid Cloud

By Markesha Clausell posted Mon September 20, 2021 09:10 AM

The global pandemic is challenging us all to think differently about our ever-changing business and technology needs. Companies are discovering that they must leverage both on-premises infrastructure and cloud to meet their specific needs. Those organizations that leverage a truly hybrid cloud strategy will be best positioned to capitalize on their infrastructure’s agility, flexibility and resiliency.

To help meet that need, Power® E1080 is the first Power10-based server designed specifically for these sorts of vital hybrid cloud environments. The IBM Power10 platform delivers a seamless environment for companies to deploy, manage and secure their most mission-critical enterprise workloads in a private or public cloud, facilitating quick and easy scaling and optimization.

Power10 also provides consistency in managing, monitoring, metering and billing across public and private clouds, with a roadmap for further enhancements to come as the broader Power10 family is delivered.

Although there are numerous Power hybrid cloud benefits, here are four key advantages that today’s businesses can’t do without:

1) Frictionless experience for hybrid cloud management and automation

IBM Cloud Pak® for Watson AIOps, Red Hat® Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes, Red Hat Ansible® Automation Platform and IBM® PowerVC simplify hybrid cloud management with a deeply integrated experience. The IBM Power virtualization and automation stack has been optimized to support the next generation of IBM Power10 enterprise servers. This stack forms the foundation of leading Power-based public clouds, as well as thousands of mission-critical enterprise deployments in customer data centers worldwide.

To manage and monitor your environment, we’ve deeply integrated Power 10-based systems with foundational Power software, such as PowerVC and IBM Cloud Pak technology, to seamlessly bridge on- and off-prem environments. We’ve also integrated Power Systems with several industry-standard technologies so that you can leverage consistent skills and technology across all your enterprise computing platforms.
Additionally, we’ve fully enabled Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform for Power. Not only can you automate several tasks within AIX®, IBM i and Linux®, but you can also combine Ansible with PowerVC and Power Virtual Server to provision infrastructure anywhere you need. By collocating existing applications and enterprise data with new cloud-native applications on Power 10, you can consolidate workloads into fewer systems, deliver superior application performance, and enjoy substantial economic benefits

2) Security across hybrid cloud

Enhancements such as transparent memory encryption, post-quantum crypto, and unified security and compliance management with PowerSC 2.0 (including endpoint detection and response) help provide security across your hybrid cloud from the Power10 core.
Power10 systems protect sensitive data by leveraging the latest pervasive encryption capabilities across hybrid cloud deployments. The Power10 processor introduces full memory encryption at scale, right out of the box. Transparent memory encryption is designed to simplify encryption and support end-to-end security without impacting performance by leveraging hardware features for a seamless user experience.
Having the right security systems in place is a critical concern. IBM is the only vendor that can provide security at every level of the system stack, from foundation hardware such as the processor and memory to key software such as the operating system, hypervisor and application.

3) Additional, flexible compute resources

Businesses need a new way of consuming compute capacity to support mission-critical environments while executing digital transformation agendas. The new generation of IBM Power servers will support enterprise hybrid cloud platforms by providing frictionless consumption models on- and off-premises with differentiated performance, security, serviceability and cost of operation.
Now you can leverage Power Hybrid Currency for added compute resources, thanks to the flexibility to allocate the pay-for-use model both on- and off-prem — and to enable investment protection and agility — with a single hybrid cloud transaction
The IBM Power10 generation of servers is designed to make technology consumption a seamless experience. With Hybrid Cloud Credits, companies can procure pay-per-use capacity that can be deployed across Power Private Cloud and Power Virtual Server co-located with IBM Cloud®. The architectural consistency across these environments gives you the flexibility to deploy where you want and when you want without requiring additional middleware or application re-factoring.

4) Application modernization

Gain the ability to extend your existing VM-based apps with new cloud-native apps using Red Hat OpenShift® anywhere in the hybrid cloud — integrated with IBM Cloud Pak solutions to run what you want, where you want. The IBM Power E1080 delivers efficient scaling, offering up to 4.1x more containerized throughput per core than Intel when running Red Hat OpenShift.
In addition, because our Power platform runs on top of the built-in PowerVM® Hypervisor, those containerized workloads gain advanced data protection, more secure workload isolation, and better overall platform integrity. This makes Power10 workloads secure from core to cloud. With Power10, businesses benefit from substantial performance and TCO advantages by co-locating AIX, IBM i and Red Hat OpenShift environments.

The Power architecture has a multitude of unique advantages beyond just these four key points. To learn more visit us here: https://www.ibm.com/it-infrastructure/power.
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