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The AIX 7.3 Open Beta is now live!

By Maria Ward posted Sun October 10, 2021 04:57 PM


On behalf of the whole  AIX team, I am excited to announce that the AIX 7.3 Open Beta is now LIVE!  

The free AIX 7.3 Open Beta provides an early view of the new AIX 7.3 release that will be available later this year. The Open Beta is open to anyone that would like to participate, with multiple options for getting access to the early release. 

  • Take advantage of $1500 in PowerVS credits to install off-prem via IBM Power Virtual Server 
  • Install the early code on your own Power8 or later server
  • Software Vendors that need access to a server can get special access thru the IBM Technology Zone
This is a unique opportunity to test out AIX 7.3 ahead of its release ! Participants will be able to take advantage of some of the new features and enhancements, including:

  • Increased file and filesystem sizes
  • Python and Bash frameworks running directly with AIX
  • dnf command for installation of open source packages from the AIX Toolbox
  • Reduced time to dynamically add processors/memory to a running LPAR
  • Reduced IPL times for multi-terabyte memory LPARs
  • pigz and zlibNX commands now transparently use NX GZIP acceleration on Power9 and Power10
  • enhanced support for logical volume (LV) encryption to include rootvg and dump device
  • tcp protocol stack supports CUBIC
  • additional IP Security (IPsec) enhancements
  • create an OVA file from a mksysb using create_ova command
  • create ISO image from mksysb_iso command
  • Integration with new IBM Open XL C/C++ and Fortran for AIX 17.1 compilers

There's still time to join the program!  Sign up here for more information:     AIX 7.3 Open Beta Program .

If you're already signed up, you can access the program hereIBM Systems Early Programs Website

We are looking forward to collaborating with our AIX clients, partners and other users around the world on this unique opportunity!