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Announcing AIX 7.3!

By Maria Ward posted Tue October 19, 2021 08:00 AM

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Announcing AIX 7.3!   

It has been an exciting year of announcements for AIX and Power Systems, starting with the celebration of 35 years of AIX innovation in February, followed by the release of the new IBM Power E1080 server in September.   Today, I am happy to be able to officially announce AIX 7.3, the newest addition to the AIX family!


AIX 7.3 was designed to extend the value of your IBM Power10 server, while also expanding on the industry leading key strengths such as reliability, availability, security, performance that our customers have relied on for the last 35 years.   With continued focus on AIX strategic initiatives including modernizing with open technology, and making sure AIX is ready for both on-prem private cloud deployments and off-prem public cloud solutions, AIX 7.3 will help you make sure your business is hybrid cloud ready.   

With the addition of the Power10 Matrix Math Accelerators (MMA) along with the new IBM OpenXL compilers, and Engineering and Scientific Subroutine Library (ESSL), AIX 7.3 will help you streamline your insights and automation to get the most from your valuable business data by infusing AI workloads into your mission critical data work stream.  Learn more about Enterprise AI with AIX here.

Backed by the AIX Binary Compatibility Guaranty and ready to run on Power8 or later systems, AIX 7.3 is ready with several new out-of-the-box enhancements to help you respond faster to business demands, maximize your availability and reliability, and protect your data from core to cloud.

  • Respond fast to business demands
    • Extends capability of AIX to support a max of 240 cores in your Power10 system
    • Out-of-the-box ready for Ansible and Open Source with python3
    • Increased file and filesystem sizes to handle growing data needs
    • Integration with NX GZIP hardware accelerator for faster compression


  • Protect data from core to cloud
    • Ensure data is protected, in flight and at rest, on-prem or off-prem and in between
    • Enhanced password security
    • Extended logical volume encryption capabilities


  • Maximize availability and reliability
    • Reduced boot times for large memory systems
    • Enhanced performance for dynamic compute and memory management
    • Live AIX boot time settings with AIX Live Update


  • Streamline insights and automation
    • AI inferencing at the point of data with in-core MMA
    • AI inferencing with numpy and other opensource packages
    • Integration with ESSL 7.1 and new IBM OpenXL compilers

There is still time to get an early view of AIX 7.3 and get a headstart on getting the new release into your data center.     Sign up for the AIX 7.3 Open Beta Program and be a part of the growing list of users that are taking advantage of this unique opportunity to be a part of the new AIX 7.3 release!   Sign up for the Open Beta Program here.

See the AIX 7.3 Announcement letter to learn more and these and many more features and advantages of AIX 7.3

Visit the  IBM AIX home page for more information.