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35 Years of AIX and Beyond

By Maria Ward posted Tue March 16, 2021 10:00 AM


35 Years of AIX and Beyond


2021 is a key milestone in the history of AIX as we reminisce on how far we’ve come with 35 years of innovation behind us, but more importantly as we look ahead to the future with a new AIX release that will extend the AIX roadmap for another 10 years and beyond.

While preparing for the February 23rd announcement of the new AIX 7.3 release and 35th anniversary of AIX,  I was reminded of my first release bringing up AIX on the POWER4 P690’s that were mainstays in the lab for many years to follow.    I have seen AIX grow and mature over the years with features such as DLPAR, VIOS, LPM and Live Kernel Update.  I have seen the full portfolio of software such as PowerHA for availability, PowerSC for security, PowerVM for virtualization and PowerVC for provisioning being enhanced over the years as well. All of these combined have enabled AIX to be the best Operating System for mission critical workloads today.

After the new release announcement, countless others have shared similar stories of the first AIX release they worked with, many going back to the early 90’s or even earlier. A common theme of these stories is the shared sentiments of AIX being the best operating system today!  Be sure to check out some of these at the links below! 

As we move forward into 2021, AIX has taken an even more important position in the IBM hybrid cloud strategy, providing the rock-solid foundation for both on-prem and private cloud offerings.  We will continue to expand on the key strengths that AIX is known for: performance, scalability, security, RAS, and high-availability, while enhancing our continuous computing, security, scalability and open technology features to handle the growing needs of mission critical workloads today.

Although I can’t claim to have started in 1986 when AIX was first introduced, AIX has been an integral part of my career at IBM and I am happy to be back to help expand its journey into the future!

Please make sure to listen to the replay of a recent webinarTransform your business with AIX & IBM Power Systems - Celebrating 35 years of Innovation” to hear directly from IT Infrastructure experts how AIX supports the application modernization efforts needed to help enterprises gain efficiency, with cost savings and increased agility to handle all of their future business needs.  

Be a part of the journey and share your story with #aix35years