Refresh - Unique SAP HANA on Power capabilities for Green Computing

By Katharina Probst posted Wed July 21, 2021 05:58 AM

P9 is the only processor architecture supported for SAP HANA workloads using dynamic frequencies for production workload saving energy and cooling cost.

The preference is to use the "Dynamic Performance" mode. It will lower the processor frequency if the entire processor socket is idle for 100s of milliseconds, thus, providing both a performance boost and a power savings when possible. Dynamic Performance mode is great for customers that want deterministic performance across the full range of environmental conditions or those that have acoustic or power consumption concerns.

Alternatively the "Nominal" (constant lower CPU frequency) or "Maximum Performance" can be used for SAP HANA production instances.

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Wed July 21, 2021 06:57 AM

I have been asked on a quantitative statement: the savings will be extremely different based on the workload consolidated on a system and how many LPARs are using the "Dynamic Power" mode.