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Welcome to IBM PowerVM Community

By HARIGANESH MURALIDHARAN posted Thu July 02, 2020 06:32 AM


Welcome to the IBM PowerVM Development Community. We have created this medium and its companion LinkedIn Group to enable direct communications between the end user and the PowerVM development team. Our plan is to share, via blog posts, new features being delivered in the latest release of PowerVM and, based on customer questions, address frequently asked questions. Please post your inquires & questions at the LinkedIn IBM PowerVM or IBM Community Discussions

If you are interested in a blog on a specific topic, please leave a comment below with details.

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Current List of PowerVM Blogs 

Date Contact/SME Title
4/2/2024 Vijay Kumar Bana HMC Update Enhancements
3/7/2024 Stuart Jacobs
Power10 Logical Memory Block sizes
02/09/2024 Santhosh Samaka LDAP Support on HMC
02/05/2024 Joel Wolfrath
Understanding the Virtual TPM Encryption Levels
02/05/2024 Manjunath Shanbhag Upgrade VIOS using HMC
01/16/2024 Yadagiri Rajaboina/Vinayaka Karne

Concurrent update of AIX/VIOS FC driver attributes

01/16/2024 Hari G Muralidharan

HMC, CMC, Enterprise Pools 2.0 and Novalink Enhancements in 2023

12/13/2023 Rupesh Thota

VIOS 4.1 Overview

12/13/2023 Ruchira Chawla

VIOS 4.1 Migration Demystified: Expert Tips and Insights

9/27/2023 Pete Heyrman

Live Partition Mobility Trends based on IBM Call Home

8/24/2023 Samvedna Jha

IBM PowerSC hardening profile for HMC

7/7/2023 Manjunath Shanbhag

Update VIOS using HMC

6/12/2023 Pete Heyrman

FW1040 Information

12/15/2022 Hari G Muralidharan

HMC V10 R2 M1030, CMC & Enterprise Pools 2.0, Novalink 2.1 Enhancements

11/9/2022 Raghavendra Malapati

Managing Power10 Scale-out and Mid-range systems using HMC

8/23/2022 Veena Ganti
Pete Heyrman

Common Criteria POWER9 Power10 Security Certification

8/5/2022 Anil Vijayan, Navinakumar Kandakur

Ansible Collection for Power Systems HMC

7/28/2022 Hari G Muralidharan

What's new in HMC 10.1.1020.0 and CMC 1.17.x and EP2.0 and Novalink 2.0.3.x

4/28/2022 Manjunath Shanbhag

Prepare VIOS for Maintenance and other PowerVM management enhancements in HMC V10.1.1010.0

1/25/2022 Pete Heyrman
Understanding Processor Utilization on PowerVM
12/20/2021 Pete Heyrman
LPM Improvements in PowerVM 3.1.3
10/6/2021 Hari G Muralidharan HMC V10 R1 M1010 Features and CMC & Enterprise Pools 2.0 Enhancements
9/27/2021 Pete Heyrman
PowerVM features in the new Power10 Servers
9/17/2021 Joel Wolfrath
Configuring the PowerVM Trusted System Key
8/5/2021 Pritpal Singh Managing Virtual Persistent Memory or Dynamic RAM (DRAM) based memory volumes using HMC
7/26/2021 Ninda Palsule
Modernization of PowerVM NPIV Stack: From Single to Multiple Queue Support
4/26/2021 Manjunath Shanbhag VIOS Maintenance Validation and backup/restore
2/4/2021 Pete Heyrman
LPM Improvements in PowerVM 3.1.2
1/26/2021 Christina Morel
EtherChannel MAC Swap for certain complex network environments utilization SR-IOV and vNIC clients
1/25/2021 Rob Gjertsen
VIOS 3.1.2 Shared Storage Pools (SSP) Enhancements
12/14/2020 Chris Engel PowerVM introduces Platform KeyStore
12/02/2020 Hari G Muralidharan What's new in HMC V9 R2 M950
12/01/2020 Pete Heyrman
IBM Virtualization Best Practice Guide - Version 4 Updates
Darshan Patel
LPM - Networking Best Practices
01/03/2020 Hari G Muralidharan What's new in HMC V9 R1 M940
12/05/2019 Chuck Graham Hybrid Network Virtualization - Using SR-IOV for Optimal Performance and Mobility
11/21/2019 Colleen Stouffer POWER9 Firmware Secure Boot Partition Firmware Extensions on PowerVM
10/13/2019 Darshan Patel Insightful tips about APARS, tuning, data collection and more (a.,k.a. NetBITS) 
09/17/2019 Christina Lynch Morel SEA (Shared Ethernet Adapter) Load Sharing
08/20/2019 Stephanie Jensen Power Enterprise Pools 2.0 with Utility Capacity - A Cloud-Based Approach
06/25/2019 Hari G Muralidharan What's new in HMC V9 R1 M930
06/06/2019 Pete Heyrman How does Shared Processor Performance Compare to Dedicated Processors
04/10/2019 Pete Heyrman Understanding Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL)
03/20/2019 Amit Tendolkar An Overview of Idle States in the POWER9 Processor
02/21/2019 Karthikeyan Palanisamy HMC Management Enhancements in HMC V9 R1 M92x
01/30/2019 Mallesh Lepakshaiah Viosupgrade - One click migration to VIOS 3.1
12/11/2018 Veena Ganti iSCSI support on PowerVM
11/15/2018 Mallesh Lepakshaiah VIOS 3.1 Overview
10/23/2018 Chet Mehta Customer Experience with IBM's Early Ship Program (ESP)
10/08/2018 Anu Jalan HMC V9 (910 & 920) Performance Improvements
09/11/2018 Hari G Muralidharan What's New in HMC V9 R1 M920.0
08/22/2018 Hari G Muralidharan NPIV Storage Validation options for Live Partition Mobility
08/07/2018 Pete Heyrman Live Partition Mobility (LPM) Data Encryption and Compression
06/28/2018 Jerry Slayton HMC support for IBM OpenPOWER Systems
06/05/2018 Ninad Palsule NVMe device support in Virtual IO Server
05/29/2018 Todd Rosedahl POWER9 EnergyScale - Configuration & Management
05/19/2018 Todd Rosedahl POWER9 EnergyScale Introduction
04/19/2018 Pete Heyrman Using Shared Processor Pools to manage CPU resources
04/04/2018 Hari G Muralidharan Simplified Remote Restart Enhancements in HMC V9 R1.910.0
03/26/2018 Hari G Muralidharan What's new in HMC V9 R1.910.0
03/16/2018 Chris Engel POWER9 Trusted Remote Attestation on PowerVM
03/05/2018 Chris Engel POWER9 Firmware Chain of Trust for PowerVM
02/23/2018 Chris Engel POWER9 Introduces Secure Boot to PowerVM
02/14/2018 Chet Mehta PowerVM features in the new POWER9 Servers
01/29/2018 Hari G Muralidharan HMC V8 R8.7.0 SP1 Enhancements
12/11/2017 Rob Gjertsen PowerVM Shared Storage Pool Flash Acceleration
11/22/2017 Nicole Conser IBM Design Thinking - Intro to Sponsor Users
11/14/2017 Anu Jalan HMC V8 R8.7.0 Performance Improvements
11/07/2017 Charles Thiel What, Why, How and more about Net Promoter Score
10/14/2017 Hari G Muralidharan What's new in HMC R8 V8.7.0
10/04/2017 Pete Heyrman How does PowerVM provide security between different LPARs
09/25/2017 Thiru Thananjayan How Live Partition Mobility is Tested
09/19/2017 Sridevi Joshi System Template Deploy in HMC
09/07/2017 Chris Engel PowerVM Advanced Firmware Protection
08/16/2017 Pete Heyrman Understanding the Benefits of Dark Cores and Memory
08/09/2017 Ratan Gupta Call Home configuration in FSP via ASMI
08/02/2017 Chet Mehta Firmware Best Practices to Minimize Downtime
07/26/2017 Pete Heyrman How does PowerVM Development use your Call Home Data
07/18/2017 Hari G Muralidharan Synchronize Current Configuration and Configuration changes on inactive partition in HMC Enhanced UI
07/09/2017 Ratan Gupta Redfish in Blue waters
06/12/2017 Jim Cunningham AIX Network Tuning for 10Ge and Virtual Network
06/04/2017 Manjunath Shanbhag Partition Virtual Storage Management using HMC Enhanced UI
05/25/2017 Chet Mehta Update Access Key
05/09/2017 Jerry Slayton Call Home and Events Manager
05/01/2017 Anjil R Chinnapatlolla Virtual Network Management with HMC Enhanced UI
04/26/2017 Mallesh Lepakshaiah Virtual IO Server (VIOS) upgrade method using mksysb install and viosbr
04/16/2017 Hari G Muralidharan Mechanism to minimize downtime on planned and unplanned outages
04/09/2017 Pete Heyrman Inactive Partition and Affinity Group Migration Enhancements
04/04/2017 Gopinath Patro Creating Partition with Partition Template in HMC
03/28/2017 Using PowerVM NovaLink to create LPARs on your Power Server without an HMC
03/19/2017 Pete Heyrman PowerVM Dynamic Platform Optimizer
03/12/2017 Manjunath Bm Shared Storage Pool Management with HMC
03/05/2017 Bill Carlson, Bobichan John Where do I find LPM Documentation, best practices, and information on error codes
02/26/2017 Hari G Muralidharan HMC Logging and Auditing
02/19/2017 Christina Lynch Morel Shared Ethernet Adapter (SEA) Enhancements in PowerVM 2.2.5
02/12/2017 Robert Gjertsen Best Practices Guide for SSP Large Cluster Configuration
02/05/2017 Pete Heyrman Time and Date Management with PowerVM
01/23/2017 Ratan Gupta Power Systems Flexible Service Processor (FSP) Security
01/15/2017 Samvedna Jha How to secure your HMC
01/09/2017 Jim Cunningham Power Hypervisor Assisted Platform Large Send in PowerVM 2.2.5
12/18/2016 Dyutiman Chaudhuri PowerVM Performance Monitoring – What's New In HMC R8 V8.6.0
12/11/2016 Tom Sand IO Adapter Enlarged Capacity Improvements in PowerVM 2.2.5
12/04/2016 Pete Heyrman DLPAR Performance Improvements in PowerVM 2.2.5
11/27/2016 Robert Gjertsen VIOS Shared Storage Pools 2.2.5 Enhancements
11/14/2016 Hari G Muralidharan HMC V8 R8.6.0 Enhanced UI Updates
10/30/2016 Hari G Muralidharan What's new in HMC V8 R8.6.0
10/23/2016 Pete Heyrman Live Partition Mobility (LPM) Improvements in PowerVM 2.2.5
10/16/2016 Chuck Graham vNIC Failover in PowerVM 2.2.5
10/11/2016 Chet Mehta PowerVM 2.2.5 Preview
10/03/2016 Bob Kovacs Virtual Storage Redundancy with dual VIOS Configuration
09/28/2016 Sivakumar Krishnasamy Software Defined Networking - IBM PowerVM + Cisco ACI Proof of Concept
09/18/2016 Rob Gjertsen AIX & PowerVM Server-side caching enhancements
09/11/2016 Stephanie Jensen Power Enterprise Pool Conversions
09/07/2016 Bob Kovacs Introduction to Virtual IO Server Rules
08/22/2016 Mallesh Lepakshaiah PowerVM Disaster Recover (DR) with VIOS and SSP
08/08/2016 Robert Gjertsen Import LPAR disks to Shared Storage Pools
07/06/2016 Travis Pizel Power8 PCIe Slot Concurrent Maintenance Overview
06/21/2016 Stephanie Jensen Power Enterprise Pools - Multiple HMC Support
06/14/2016 Jim Cunningham PowerVM Support for Private VLAN
06/04/2016 PowerVM NovaLink Enhancements - June 2016
05/21/2016 Hari G Muralidharan PowerVM Remote Restart Enhancements
05/12/2016 Todd Rosedahl Overview of the OCC for POWER8
05/05/2016 Hari G Muralidharan If you are not using the HMC Enhanced UI, a pleasant surprise awaits you!
04/26/2016 Pete Heyrman Understanding PowerVM Hypervisor Memory Usage
04/19/2016 Adam Stallman Understanding Power Systems Error Logs
04/05/2016 Pete Heyrman How does Affinity affect Server Performance
03/28/2016 Chet Mehta PowerVM Firmware Maintenance Overview
03/17/2016 Shajith Chandran Virtual IO Server Performance Advisor
02/25/2016 OpenStack and PowerVM - Mitaka Update
02/16/2016 Pete Heyrman Remote LPM Overview
02/09/2016 Pete Heyrman Live Partition Mobility (LPM) Performance Tips & Results
02/03/2016 Jerry Slayton How to Setup Call Home
01/26/2016 Jerry Slayton Call Home Overview
01/19/2016 Chuck Graham Introduction to vNIC FAQs
01/12/2016 Chuck Graham Introduction to SR-IOV FAQs
12/14/2015 Stephanie Jensen Power Enterprise Pools
12/07/2015 NovaLink OpenStack Review
11/23/2015 Pete Heyrman Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL) improvements in PowerVM 2.2.4
11/16/2015 Hari G Muralidharan HMC per-partition disablement of Live Partition Mobility (LPM)
11/09/2015 Robert Gjertsen PowerVM Shared Storage Pool Enhancements
11/02/2015 Hari G Muralidharan HMC virtual appliance is here!
10/26/2015 Introducing PowerVM NovaLink
10/19/2015 Pete Heyrman Live Partition Mobility (LPM) improvements in PowerVM 2.2.4
10/14/2015 Chuck Graham vNIC - Introducing a New PowerVM Virtual Networking Technology
10/05/2015 Chet Mehta Key functionality included in PowerVM 2.2.4