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What's new in HMC V9 R1 M930

By HARIGANESH MURALIDHARAN posted Tue June 16, 2020 05:57 AM


HMC V9 R1 introduced support for managing POWER9 systems and V9 R1 M930 is the next update for Release 1. In this blog, let’s take a quick look at the enhancements in HMC V9 R9.1.930.

To get things started, V9 R1 M930 is a service pack for the V9 R1 release which means, you would update (Not Upgrade or fresh install) to 930 from V9 R1 M910 with or without additional Service Packs or PTF’s. Please note that you would have to update to M930 to get service fixes for V9 R1 going forward.


  • Live Partition Mobility (LPM):
    • Allow a managed system to concurrently be both the source and target of multiple migration operations
      • Allow two migration operations, one from server A to server B, and one from server B to server A, to be launched concurrently, and complete without error.
      • Allow three migration operations, one from server A to server B, one from server B to server C, and one from server C to server A, to be launched concurrently, and complete without error.
    • HMC V9 R1 M930 aligns with the FW930 firmware, which brings secure accelerated LPM to all POWER9 servers, including scale-out models
  • Support to show available managed system’s stealable processor and memory values
  • Support to show remaining non-IFL processors for hosting AIX or IBM i partitions
  • Support for PowerVM SR-IOV RoCE for Mellanox CX4 dual port 40Gb/100Gb Glacier Park EN adapter
  • Enablement for Power Enterprise Pools 2.0 with Utility Capacity
  • New options to “rmsyscfg” command to clean up associated VIOS mappings and virtual disks when deleting a partition (RFE 122389)

Enhanced UI Improvements:

  • Enhanced Quick Create Partition to support multiple partition creation
  • Simplified adding virtual networks to load group by providing an option to directly add a network to a load group instead of going through Add Network Wizard
  • Added filter option to Physical Volume, Physical IO table views and other tables where there are a large number of entries.
  • Provided option for a user to choose Physical IO when deploying using templates, in case a match is not found on the system with the captured IO info (both system & partition templates)
  • Support for VIOS license text acceptance from Manage VIOS view
  • Added Deferred/Activated firmware level as a selectable column in the dashboard view for systems
  • Added memory mode as a selectable column in the dashboard view of partition
  • Changed the Partition template wizard flow to show all the tabs with appropriate messages instead of skipping certain pages
  • Enabled browse option in Import templates after a failure in importing previous file
  • Provided option to remove or retain the group when the last group member is removed
  • Changed Task log pod to show only the latest “n” tasks.
  • Provided install option as part of partition template deploy and added a separate install menu option at partition level
  • UI will show system model description when hovering over the icon in the dashboard view
  • Disabled “Bridge Internal Network” option for virtual networks corresponding to PVID of a load group

Performance Improvements:

  • Improved response time of GUI dashboard login
  • Improved response time for REST API’s for custom non- hmcsuperadmin users
  • Improved the launch time for Virtual NIC panel at partition level

HMC Management & Security Enhancements:

  • HMC certificate management can now be done via CLI with the commands mkhmccert, chhmccert, lshmccert. (RFE’s 128736, 126598, 105253)
  • You can now define defaults values for session and idle session timeout at a HMC level which will be used as default when new users are created (RFE 117007)
  • Default idle session timeout for new users created after updating to V9 R1 M930 will be 120 minutes and the value can be changed at the time of user creation or thereafter
  • A new option has been added to getupgfiles command to fetch image files from HMC local hard disk (RFE 125497, 122308)
  • Updated LDAP client on HMC to use TLSV1.2 when HMC is set to NIST mode
  • Passwords for new users created after updating to V9 R1 M930 must be minimum eight characters in length

HMC Management of AC/LC systems:

As a follow up support for managing IBM POWER9 AC/LC systems, the following enhancements have been added in V9 R1 M930

  • Establishing concept of primary management console to prevent duplication and provide redundancy
  • Enhancement to collect and display system metrics: power usage, temps and to show LED status.
  • Support for Group Firmware Updates

Important Notes:

  1. HMC V9 can manage POWER7, POWER8 & POWER9 systems but cannot be used to manage POWER6 systems.
  2. On POWER9 servers, the HMC Virtual Appliance for PowerVM must run in POWER8 compatibility mode, for this release.
  3. Please note that HMC V9 R1 is the last supported release for 7042 appliance models (x86 Hardware Appliance)

Contacting the PowerVM Team

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