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Accelerated Computing from IBM Expert

By GANESAN NARAYANASAMY posted 12 days ago


Ganesan Narayanasamy, Leader, OpenPOWER Academic Discussion Group and IBM POWER enablement

Academia and Research organizations have always been leaders in pushing the boundaries of science and technology, with some of the most brilliant minds in the world focused on how they can improve the tools and platforms to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges. That’s why, as the Leader of the OpenPOWER Academic Discussion Group, I believe working with academics in university and research centers to develop and adopt POWER/OpenPOWER Systems is key to growing the ecosystem.


We also assisted them in hosting several OpenPOWER workshops summits and conference  where participants learned how OpenPOWER’s collaborative ecosystem is leading the way in a multitude of research areas. In most of the years, OpenPOWER members have participated in GTC, ISC, and SC to meet with fellow technology leaders and discuss the latest advances in Accelerated OpenPOWER /POWER Systems and features.


The conferences including the GTC exhibition showcased IBM Accelerated POWER Systems. GTC along with ISC and SC was also the ideal environment to discuss the balanced and powerful Accelerated POWER systems with qualified technical leaders.


Our recent Academia Discussion Group workshop held on Nov 6th, 2020, co-located with the SC20 conference was a great success with more than 10 speakers worldwide discussing the performance of GPU based POWER9 systems. Recording Link


We had a Virtual International Industry 4.0 Summit on March 2021 where  we had great sessions from worldwide experts on IBM's Accelerated Systems AC922 and IC922. Click here to view more.


Representatives from OpenPOWER and Academic Discussion Group members are worldwide. As a result of the Academic Discussion Group’s leadership, we were honoured to receive HPCWire’s Reader’s Choice Award for Best HPC Collaboration  Between Academia and Industry at SC16. Such awards only reaffirm OpenPOWER’s commitment to moving towards world-class systems —both offered by IBM and those built by our OpenPOWER partners that leverage POWER’s open architecture.


Through the Academic ecosystem and enablement worldwide, we are focused in the projects related to human cognition and deep learning techniques for various applications.

The most recent projects are:

Extreme-scale Scientific Software Stack (E4S) [https://e4s.io]

Open OnDemand platform for POWER systems

LBM performance in Exascale era

Parallel Comparison of Huge DNA Sequences in Multiple GPUs with Pruning

  • Professor Alba Cristina Magalhaes Alves de Melo, University of Brasilia and Mr. Marco Figueiredo, University of Brasilia: View the presentation here

The MultiCog (Multimodal cognition) research group at BITS Pilani, led by Dr. Pratik Narang,

Middleware for Message Passing Interface (MPI) and Deep Learning on OpenPOWER platforms

Parallelware Analyzer: Data race detection for GPUs using OpenMP

The Marconi100 high-frequency power monitoring system

Exploring the Power of Containerization to Improve Data –and HPC-Education

  • Professor Arghya Das, University of Wisconsin Platteville

 Power 10 features

Moving object recognition (MOR) corresponds to the localization and classification of moving objects in videos.

Distributed Deep Learning Techniques with MVAPICH2-GDR MPI Library on OpenPOWER based systems

  • Prof Dhabaleswar K (DK) Panda , Ohio State University: View the results

With many successful years of conferences, workshops, and webinars, we’re excited to carry the momentum into the GTC 2021!  Join us with IBM Speakers @ NVIDIA GTC21.

NVIDIA’s GTC brings together a global community of developers, researchers, engineers, and innovators to experience global innovation and collaboration.

IBM Sessions @ GTC21:

  • Matt Drahzal, Worldwide Business Development - Cognitive Systems, IBM Systems - Session ID: SS33244
300 Years In the Making: IBM is Solving Big Problems by Revitalizing Old Methods with New Technology (Presented by IBM) – Click here for the recorded Talk
  • Andy Stanford-Clark, Chief Technology Officer, IBM UK/Ireland - Session ID: SS33194
To the Edge with the Mayflower Autonomous Ship (Presented by IBM): Click here for the recorded Talk
  • Douglas O'Flaherty, Program Director, IBM Storage - Session ID: SS33231
Working Together: Four things a data scientist should demand from enterprise IT (Presented by IBM): Click here for the Recorded Talk
  • Frank Kraemer, IBM Systems Architect - Session ID: SS33232
IBM + NVIDIA for Accelerated, High-Performing and Secure ADAS/AV Development (Presented by IBM) – Click here for the Recorded Talk

Want to be even more involved with the OpenPOWER Academic Discussion Group? Then, please join OpenPOWER as an Academic member. Your membership entitles you to the latest news, event notifications, webcasts, discussions, and more. Learn more about membership and download the Membership Kit, here: https://openpowerfoundation.org/membership/how-to-join/.