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Adjust SAP HANA® memory without disruption by using Dynamic Logical Partitioning

By Edmund Häfele posted Fri December 03, 2021 08:38 AM


Main memory is one of the fundamental resources of an SAP HANA® database:

To ensure smooth business operations, to be able to react flexibly to changing business requirements and to handle data growth, sufficient main memory must be available for SAP HANA. However, reserving too much main memory in advance is costly and a waste of resources.


IBM Power servers provide the ability to dynamically add, remove or modify system resources such as memory, CPU, or I/O devices to and from a logical partition's (LPAR's) operating system. Such dynamic logical partitioning (DLPAR) operations run without interruption and without the need to restart the operating system or the partition. 

The document Adjust SAP HANA memory without disruption by using Dynamic Logical Partitioning (DLPAR) operations describes how the combination of DLPAR memory operations of IBM Power servers and SAP HANA memory management can help to dynamically adjust SAP HANA memory size without downtime to the business application.