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Insightful tips about APARS, tuning, data collection and more (a.,k.a. NetBITS)

By Darshan Patel posted Wed June 10, 2020 10:46 AM

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As members of IBM's AIX/VIOS support team, we encounter some common questions or observe a few pervasive issues. Not surprisingly, these issues vary over time based on currently supported adapters and code levels and related information is not captured in existing AIX/VIOS documentation. E.g. Currently there are 10+ different ethernet drivers available on Power and there isn't an easy way to map APARs with ethernet adapters/drivers.

To help ourselves and our customers, we have decided to create a short blog (a.k.a. NetBITS) to document the current pervasive APARs, network performance, and data collection steps for AIX/VIOS Network Protocols/Device Drivers related issues that our support team is working on. Based on past experience, we expect to create new versions of the NetBITs blog (to be captured as a new document) a couple of times each year. Refer to the listing below for current and past versions of the NetBITS documents.

NetBITS document version
NetBITS September 2019

We hope this information will help our customers expedite problem resolution.

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