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Announcing PowerVC 1.4.1 Fix Pack 1

By Becky Dimock posted Thu September 20, 2018 03:33 PM

It seems that we couldn't fit all the goodies we wanted in 1.4.1, so we had to put some aside for later. Today, they - and some fixes - are available in the 1.4.1 fix pack 1. Here's what you'll find when you download the fix pack:

Data encryption and compression during live migration
When running firmware 920, the hypervisor compresses and then encrypts the partition data during a live migration. This function is automatically enabled by HMC and NovaLink hosts.

You can now run KVM on POWER9 processor-based OpenPOWER systems.

You can use this command to enable and disable services.

powervc-services --local
Use this option if you want the effects of the powervc-services command to apply only to the management server. By default, the effects of the command apply to the management server, network nodes, and any remote hosts, such as NovaLink systems. For example:

powervc-services restart restarts all PowerVC services on the management server and all remote hosts.
powervc-services restart --local restarts all PowerVC services on the management server only.

Ubuntu 18.04 support
On KVM on Power systems, Ubuntu18.04 is supported as a guest operating system.

Although a little less exciting than new support, a fix pack needs to have some fixes too. These are the APAR fixes included with this fix pack:

IT26078 --- PowerVC fails to register CISCO switch
IT26053 --- "powervc-image list" command failed to list the images.

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