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IBM Power E1080: Enterprise systems with Power10 Processor Technology

By AUSTIN FOWLER posted Wed September 08, 2021 11:15 AM


Like Atlas, the giant who held up the world, IBM continues to bring innovations to market that form the foundation of the next generation of computing.  And today, IBM’s prowess of technology development comes to fruition with the announcement of the IBM Power® E1080.  Built on the new Power10 processor, IBM’s latest Power servers deliver a high quality, secure and reliable computing architecture, with improved per-core performance and the advantage of extreme scale.

IBM’s partnership with Samsung yields price-performance benefits f­­­or our customers With this new Power, we’ve architected encryption into the processor and main memory, securing crucial business data.  We’ve infused AI instructions, like Matrix Math Accelerator (MMA), directly into the Power E1080 ISA to support local inference and machine learning.  And finally, we’ve dramatically improved our client’s key buying criteria: reliability, performance and scale.

In the past, the highest performance computing systems were also the most expensive.  But if you consider the performance and price of the Power E1080, a single node of 12 or 15 core chips provides almost double the performance of Power8® generation systems and improves reliability, requiring half or fewer overall hardware components.  This means customers who previously purchased two or more nodes of prior generation systems can easily consider fewer nodes with Power E1080.  As with any system design, building an infrastructure with fewer, higher quality components results in greater reliability and less overall cost and waste.  Think of it as a high-quality chain versus a lower quality chain.  Having more links in a chain doesn’t make it more reliable as the load increases.  It simply means more opportunities for failure.  Therefore, the most reliable products are those that contain the fewest, highest quality components to achieve the desired result.  The Power10 E1080 is engineered for reliability, using only the highest quality components and achieves world record benchmark results.

I recommend all customers consider the 12-core, 4.15GHz high-performance chip as their first choice in building a Power E1080 system.  The combination of 48-cores per node and the highest clock speed offered gives you the best opportunity to consolidate multiple workloads while improving levels of service for existing applications and databases. The Open Memory Interface (OMI) bus is a tremendous asset when paired with fully populated Differential DIMM slots (D-DIMMs), driving over 400GB/s in memory bandwidth.  Based on prior ordering history, most customers purchase physical memory up-front, and rarely perform physical memory upgrades.  Therefore, as clients consider component consolidation (could I alliterate more?), performance should be maximized with fully populated D-DIMM slots. The Power E1080 even improves on an already robust IO bandwidth capability,

With the Power E1080, your business can confidently navigate an increasingly hostile environment, securely scaling to meet the demands of the most uncertain workloads and supporting an agile infrastructure capable of running multiple traditional and modern applications.

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