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Use the new Installation Guide for an easy compiler installation or upgrade

By Archive User posted Tue September 19, 2017 04:41 AM


Originally posted by: Tim_Liu

Have you ever gotten lost in the process of installation or upgrade?

Have you ever missed some configuration steps, and as a result, your compiler does not work as expected?

Are you still using an old version of the XL compiler due to the fear that the upgrading procedure might be complex?

We wish you to have a first-class user experience, starting from installation. We’ve created a workflow diagram for each installation task, and a click on each individual step on the workflow diagram will take you to the section for more details. Below is an example for XL C for AIX. Note: the components of this image are not clickable as this is just a screenshot - you may follow the links at the end of this blog to see them in action.


Installing a new compiler

Updating the installed compiler to the latest fix pack



Updating the installed compiler to the latest version

Updating the installed evaluation compiler to a full version




The workflow diagrams aim to provide a clear picture of the whole procedure, highlight key steps, and offer clear guidance on previous and next steps.

The Installation Guides with workflow diagrams for the following products are now available on IBM Knowledge Center:


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