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Discovering Anaconda environments using IBM Spectrum Conductor 2.4.0

By Archive User posted Mon December 09, 2019 10:49 AM


Originally posted by: Steve Haertel

While IBM Spectrum Conductor can manage conda environments itself, what can you do if you have an existing conda environment that you want IBM Spectrum Conductor to manage?


imageDiscover conda environments on your system!


Beginning with IBM Spectrum Conductor 2.4.0, you can now easily determine -- discover -- conda environments that exist on your system. No need to manually add these packages to your cluster since the discovery feature shows you what you already have on your system. This conda environment discovery feature truly shines for these two scenario:

  1. Discovery empowers your awareness of (and therefore, be able to manage) conda environments that were not originally created through IBM Spectrum Conductor. For example, you can manually create environments, and then later use the discovery feature to bring the environment into IBM Spectrum Conductor.
  2. Discovery updates the package metadata of existing conda environments when manual changes have been made using the IBM Spectrum Conductor CLI. For example, if you have an environment already manually added or removed using the CLI, use the discovery feature to update the package list.

Taking advantage of the discovery feature is easy: in the IBM Spectrum Conductor 2.4.0 cluster management console, simply click the Discover button above the table of conda environments in your Anaconda instance:


When you click Discover, you are prompted for an environment name to discover:


Once discovered, you can continue to manage the conda environment through IBM Spectrum Conductor as you would with other environments. It's that easy!


Read more about the discovery feature in IBM Knowledge Center, or let us know what you think in our Slack channel.

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