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Announcing VMware vRealize Operations integration with PowerVC and HMC to monitor IBM Power Systems workloads

By Archive User posted Tue December 11, 2018 10:45 AM

We're excited to announce a new integration for Power Systems with another product within the VMware vRealize suite. This is in addition to the existing vRealize Automation (vRA) and Orchestration (vRO) solution for Power Systems.

In partnership with IBM and VMware, Blue Medora has developed two new management packs for vRealize Operations (vROps) to manage PowerVC and HMC. These management packs are included in the new vRealize Operations for Power, available from IBM and its business partners. vROps provides a single pane of glass view into the infrastructure across a hybrid cloud and offers monitoring tools across the stack, from applications such as SAP HANA and Oracle to the physical systems they run on. With the PowerVC and HMC management packs, this single unified console is now expanded to include Power Systems. They are offered in a small and medium option, alongside other popular management packs from Blue Medora. Please see the VMware announcement blog for more info on the offerings:

The HMC has long provided users with the ability to manage their Power Systems, from configuring VMs to performing firmware updates. PowerVC expands on this by also managing storage hosts, making VM provisioning with volume-backed storage a breeze. Leveraging the APIs of these two platforms, vROps brings its extensible interface into the fray for Power:

  • Monitor SAP HANA and Oracle workloads alongside PowerVC, HMC, vSphere, and AWS environments.

  • View performance metrics such as CPU and memory utilization in an adaptable environment, enabling greater insight into infrastructure optimization.

  • Utilize the dynamic vROps framework to create tailor-made interfaces.

Let's take a view at what Power Systems looks like in vROps. Each HMC and PowerVC endpoint can be managed in vROps as a solution under the administration tab. The following image shows the registration interface for PowerVC:

The HMC and PowerVC management packs together provide seven new dashboards in vROps. Additionally, the configurable framework of the vROps interface enables the creation of a variety of views. Below is an example of one of the dashboards provided by the PowerVC management pack:

vROps' metrics visualizations and the extrapolation of the data collected is one of the defining pillars of the platform. The HMC management pack unifies the object and metrics REST APIs to deliver this powerful feature for Power Systems. In just a few clicks from one of the dashboards in the new management pack, virtual ethernet adapter throughput and dropped traffic can be viewed over time:

This is just a brief glance at what this exciting new integration has to offer. Support starts at the following versions for each platform:

  • vROps 6.6.1

  • HMC V9R1

  • PowerVC