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Announcing PowerVC's new Software Defined Infrastructure Redpiece

By Archive User posted Fri February 09, 2018 09:21 PM

PowerVC's new Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) features for PowerVC 1.4.0 have been available for a couple months now. Already we're seeing good uptake of the solution with users to build a wide variety of new cloud types. This includes:

  • KVM based Linux on Power clouds using OpenPower

  • Connecting their servers into new SAN backends

  • Running scale out servers right alongside their scale up - all from one PowerVC console

For more background on what SDI is and what it can do for your environments, see the overview and our recent video.

While the high level setup of PowerVC w/ SDI is simply:

  1. Add Spectrum Scale Packages to your PowerVC Server

  2. Install KVM or PowerVM on the compute host

  3. Configure the compute host's networking & storage

  4. Connect compute host to PowerVC

There are obviously more considerations than that to build a robust and scalable cloud. To aid in that understanding, we've created a solution redpiece that gets into all the details of PowerVC and SDI. The paper will help users build out their clouds and connect SDI based systems with their existing infrastructure.

We'd love feedback on it and hope that it helps you build out your Power cloud environments!