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Better than -t and -B combo: -qpath

By Archive User posted Mon September 15, 2014 10:19 PM


Originally posted by: ChristineLi

The XL Fortran for Linux, 15.1 and XL Fortran for AIX, 15.1 introduced the -qpath option , which is functionally similar to the -t and -B combination but more convenient.

You can use -qpath to specify substitute path names for XL Fortran components, such as the assembler, C preprocessor, and linker.

The -qpath option is more feasible than the -t and -B combination, as you can use the -qpath option to specify more than one component, each with a different path. This can bring convenience as you needn’t copy all specified components to the same directory.
The following table shows the correspondence between -qpath parameters and the component names:

 Parameter  Description  Component name
 a  The assembler  as
 b  The low-level optimizer  xlfcode
 c  The compiler front end  xlfentry
 d  The disassembler  dis
 E (for AIX only)  The CreatExportList utility  CreateExportList
 F  The C preprocessor  cpp
 h  The array language optimizer  xlfhot
 I (uppercase i)  The high-level optimizer, compile step  ipa
 l (lowercase L)  The linker  ld
 z  The binder  bolt


  1. If -qpath is specified for the same component more than once, the last one specified takes effect.
  2. If -qpath and -t are specified for the same component, -qpath takes effect.

For more information about -qpath, please visit product online documentation: