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C++ 11 Standard now available for purchase

By Archive User posted Wed September 14, 2011 11:32 AM


Originally posted by: Michael_Wong

C++ 11 is official and published!
It is now possible to purchase the new C++ 11 Standard from the INCITS/ANSI website:
or direct from the ISO website:
If you find the price a bit high, it is also possible to wait a bit until the British Standard Institute publish a hard-copy book form of it which is usually quite a bit cheaper.
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Mon October 10, 2011 02:21 AM

Originally posted by: Hongwei.Zhu

Chinese language link:https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/mydeveloperworks/blogs/12bb75c9-dfec-42f5-8b55-b669cc56ad76/entry/c_11__e6_a0_87_e5_87_86_e5_b7_b2_e7_bb_8f_e5_8f_af_e4_bb_a5_e8_b4_ad_e4_b9_b0_e4_ba_861?lang=zh