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OpenMP 3.1 has been released

By Archive User posted Fri September 02, 2011 10:03 AM


Originally posted by: Michael_Wong

After almost two years of work, OpenMP 3.1 has been released. Here is the announcement on it and the new specification in pdf online.
As I mentioned in the previous note on the public comment draft, and in this trip report and Steven Perron's posting about the new content, 3.1 offers something for everyone.
The main purpose of OpenMP 3.1 was to redefine and extend existing specification, and maintain backward compatibility. This was also a bug-fix release in that it clarified a number of examples in OpenMP 3.0 and fixed about 20 minor defects in the 3.0 specification.
The main features were
  • improve efficiency for fine grain parallelism for tasks by adding the final and mergeable clause for tasks
  • starting support for affinity through threading binding and controlling the number of threads on multiple nesting levels
  • enhance atomics extensions for read, write and capture
  • fix memory model inconsistencies
  • new taskyield construct
  • allow Fortran pointers in firstprivate  and lastprivate clause
  • change the firstprivate clause restrictions to allow intent(in) and const objects in the clause
I will follow with more detailed description of some of these features in a special series.