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C++0x (C++11) Standard has been ratified

By Archive User posted Wed August 24, 2011 01:43 PM


Originally posted by: Michael_Wong

The star is born. 
Recall that in this C++0x Mardid Standard meeting blog posting,  I mentioned that the C++ Standard has been approved at the Madrid Standard meeting to be shipped. What we were waiting for were final integration of Standard text, proof-reading, ballot by all the National Bodies and then some ISO bureaucratic process to release the document.
These last few steps have been done. In fact two weeks ago, on Aug 8, I voted to approve the Standard for the Canadian National Body. It seems other National Bodies also voted to approve. 
The result was 21-0. (21 countries voted yes, 0 voted no, and 14 abstained.)
There should be no reason to not see the C++0x standard be called C++11, however because of the tight time-line, Bjarne pointed that even a minor bureaucratic delay could make it C++12.

What will happen now is that International Technology Task Force (ITTF) will take a small number of weeks (as they told us) to publish the document. It is true that sometimes in the past, this has taken a little longer. But in this case, if what ITTF claim is true, it will be published in 2011 and it will be called ISO/IEC 14882:2011(E). At that point, you will be able to purchase it from the INCITS website, or subsequently the ISO website, or even in a book form as the British Standards Institute (BSI) often will publish it as a hard-covered book, weighing several pounds.
Herb Sutter recently asked in an internal reflector thread " Of course, this only begs the question of disambiguation if we want to do another this decade and try to call it "C++1x," given that one low value of x is already taken. :)"

I will have more to say about that based on the discussion at the last C++ Standard meeting at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN.
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