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Compiler utilization tracking in your organization

By Archive User posted Tue June 21, 2011 10:57 PM


Originally posted by: melaniejs

XL Fortran 13.1 provides a new utilization tracking and reporting feature to help you understand the compiler utilization within your organization. You use this feature to help determine whether your organization’s use of the compiler matches your compiler license entitlements. When enabled, each invocation of the compiler is recorded in a compiler utilization file. The utilization reporting tool can then be used to generate a report of the overall usage of the compiler within your organization. In particular, the report indicates whether the compiler usage complies with the number of concurrent user licenses that you have acquired. This feature is easy to set up and manage, and does not impact the usage or performance of the compiler.

In addition, to help you optimize software licensing costs, IBM can assist in identifying the licenses that best suits your organization. For acquiring the correct number and type of licenses, IBM offers two flexible license solutions for the compiler products: Authorized User and Concurrent User.

For more information about URT, refer to the XL Fortran for AIX Getting Started Guide or the XL Fortran for Linux Getting Started Guide.