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MASS v6.0 -- High performance math libraries for POWER7

By Archive User posted Tue May 04, 2010 12:07 AM


Originally posted by: Robert Enenkel

Mathematical Acceleration Subsystem (MASS) Version 6.0 for AIX has been released. This high performance suite of elementary and special mathematical functions contains two new libraries tuned for the IBM POWER7 processor, and exploiting the POWER7 VSX SIMD instruction set. MASS v6.0 offers performance on POWER7 of up to 260 times that of the system math library libm, and up to 4 times that of previous versions of MASS.

MASS v6.0 ships with the IBM XL C/C++ for AIX v11.1 and XL Fortran for AIX v13.1 compilers, which provide for both explicit user calls or automatic vectorization. It is also available from the MASS Web site at
http://www.ibm.com/software/awdtools/mass (for explicit user calls only).

New features in MASS v6.0:

A new vector library libmassvp7.a that contains the following routines tuned for POWER7 processors (functions new in v6.0 are followed by an asterisk): vacos, vacosh, vasin, vasinh, vatan2, vatan, vatanh, vcbrt, vcos, vcosisin, vcosh, vdint, vdiv, vdnint, verfc, verf*, vexp2*, vexp2m1*, vexp, vexpm1, vhypot*, vlgamma*, vlog10, vlog1p, vlog2*, vlog21p*, vlog, vpow, vqdrt, vrcbrt, vrec, vrqdrt, vrsqrt, vsin, vsincos, vsinh, vsqrt, vtan, vtanh, vsacos, vsacosh, vsasin, vsasinh, vsatan2, vsatan*, vsatanh, vscbrt, vscos, vscosisin, vscosh, vsdiv, vserfc*, vserf*, vsexp2*, vsexp2m1*, vsexp, vsexpm1, vshypot*, vslog10, vslog1p, vslog2*, vslog21p*, vslog, vspow, vsqdrt, vsrcbrt, vsrec, vsrqdrt, vsrsqrt, vssin, vssincos, vssinh, vssqrt, vstan, vstanh, vpopcnt4, vpopcnt8.

A new SIMD library libmass_simdp7.a that contains the following routines tuned for POWER7 processors (all these functions are new in v6.0): acosd2, asind2, atan2d2, atand2, atanhd2, cbrtd2, cosd2, coshd2, divd2, erfcd2, erfd2, exp2d2, exp2m1d2, expd2, expm1d2, hypotd2, lgammad2, log10d2, log1pd2, log2d2, log21pd2, logd2, powd2, qdrtd2, rcbrtd2, recipd2, rqdrtd2, rsqrtd2, sind2,
sincosd2, sinhd2, sqrtd2, tand2, tanhd2, acosf4, acoshf4, asinf4, asinhf4, atan2f4, atanf4, atanhf4, cbrtf4, cosf4, coshf4, divf4, erfcf4, erff4, expf4, exp2f4, expm1f4, exp2m1f4, hypotf4, log10f4, log1pf4, log2f4, log21pf4, logf4, powf4, qdrtf4, rcbrtf4, recipf4, rqdrtf4, rsqrtf4, sinf4, sincosf4, sinhf4, sqrtf4, tanf4, tanhf4.

Complete documentation is available at the MASS Web site, http://www.ibm.com/software/awdtools/mass .