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To derprecate or not deprecate, that is the question.

By Archive User posted Fri November 06, 2009 02:41 PM


Originally posted by: Michael_Wong

Standards love to add things. They remove very little, but they do like to deprecate. This post will describe a collection of things that is heading that way, or not heading that way in C++ 0x.

In my posting on Intention to deprecate trigraphs in the next C++ Standard, we successfully demonstrated that much of the non-English speaking world will still need to rely on trigraphs as a way to get to UCN through "\" which may be inaccessible in some codepages. So we would object to deprecating it without an alternative.

In the last meeting in Santa Cruz, an alternative was proposed in Core issue 789:Replacing Trigraphs. In short, it does not so much deprecate trigraphs (which we like) as move trigraphs out of translation phase 1 so trigraphs are not recognized ahead of raw strings, but is still recognized ahead of other strings (as it is now). It seems that trigraph interaction with raw strings was always the real issue behind the original National Body comment. This interaction had become more prevalent because Raw strings are accepted as part of C++0x. This proposal will level the playing field to what it was again.

We reviewed the paper as a way of fixing the interaction of trigraphs and raw strings. We think the paper is ready to go, but we're holding it back because we're considering other approaches, including moving UCNs out of translation phase 1 or moving raw string recognition into phase 1.

We're still looking at deprecating exception specifications. Our current feeling is that we will deprecate them except for the ways of saying a function doesn't throw at all (e.g., the new noexcept feature, still being reviewed). This feature has been shown to be relatively useless since its inception.

We did a straw poll on deprecating or removing exported templates. I voted to support removal of export to reduce dialecting C++. However a straw poll in full committee seems to prefer deprecation. This feature has been implemented exactly by one company, and even their lead is not opposing its removal. We appreciate their selfless sense of the C++ community and appreciate their sacrifice in learning about why this feature was problematic. Sometimes, it does take doing to see the whole picture.

Finally, we deprecated the semantics of the register keyword. This keyword has been ignored by most compiler that I am aware of, so it is the right time to deprecate it.

As with all deprecation, have no fear. All compilers will generally continue to accept (and or ignore) these cases, so that your code will continue to compile.