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C++ Standard Meeting in Santa Cruz on Oct 19-24

By Archive User posted Wed October 21, 2009 12:45 AM


Originally posted by: Michael_Wong

I am attending the C++ Standard meeting in Santa Cruz. We have a number of issues of interest to us.

SCARY iterators is a way to improve portability invented by our IBM Watson Lab and collaborated on with testing using the xlC++ compiler. It also can give significant performance gains, especially in Blue Gene software:


The other issue of interest is continuing discussion on resolution to the Trigraph deprecation issue. Although the idea of deprecation was rejected in Frankfurt, there was a desire to reach a common solution by replacing trigraph with something else. A paper was produced and we will review it in the next meeting:


The solution will resolve many of the issues in my previous posts about trigraphs but we do have some comments. On the whole, we are pleased with this compromise approach.

The other issues that will be discussed will be how to control the proliferation of issues that could cause a prolonged delay of publication of the Standard.

Like any software delivery, shipping a Standard meets the same problems in that there will be many late issues come up out of integration and testing. Some of those will be new, while others are critical fixes. All issues need to be considered fairly through a triage process to see whether they are critical enough to require fixing before shipping, or can afford to be delayed until post-shipping.

This process as obvious as it is to do is not something that is easy to do at the Standard level where work is voluntary. There will be repercussion to this as we move forward if we do not adequately resolve this.