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I'm at my best when I'm learning or helping others to learn. I combine world-class technical knowledge with the ability to create and deliver engaging technical content for digital marketing, technical sales, and customer success. I have extensive experience in creation and delivery of live training and practical lab exercises. I am an Identity and Access Management specialist with experience in a wide range of security and general IT disciplines. I am a worldwide subject matter expert in the IBM Security Verify products with particular focus on Access Management, API protection, and Federation. I love to share my expertise to improve outcomes at all levels. I review code, UI, and SDK designs and contribute code back to our products. I create demo systems to help sales. I create cookbooks and assets to help deployment. I am a customer and developer advocate. I constantly engage on our internal forums and our external community site. Specialties: IBM Security Verify (Cloud Identity), IBM Security Verify Access (Access Manager), Kubernetes, OpenShift, IBM Security Directory Suite, Digital Assets, Technical Advocacy, Customer Adoption, Architecture, Implementation, Troubleshooting, Education Creation, Education Delivery, Training.