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Webinar – How to be an Integration ACE with App Connect Enterprise 

Thu July 23, 2020 05:52 AM

This is the 3rd in our series of Invincible Integration Webinars.

Listen to the replay of this webinar to learn all about the latest and greatest developments in IBM App Connect Enterprise.

IBM App Connect Enterprise (ACE) is IBM’s strategic integration product for heterogeneous integration scenarios. This offering combines the existing industry-trusted IBM Integration Bus technology with new cloud native technologies, to deliver a platform that supports the full breadth of integration needs across a modern digital enterprise. ACE integrates systems of record, packaged applications, mobile devices, messaging systems, databases and supports a wide variety of data formats (e.g. XML, DFDL, JSON, HL7, SWIFT, EDIFACT and bespoke tagged/delimited formats).

A comprehensive range of operations can be performed on data as it passes through the software, including routing, filtering, enrichment, publish-subscribe, sequencing, and aggregation. These flexible integration capabilities support many forms of solution architectures including RESTful, service-oriented, message-oriented, data-driven, and file-based (batch or real-time).


Screenshot_2020-06-03_at_10_39_14.pngBen Thompson
App Connect Enterprise
Chief Architect
IBM Hybrid Cloud

Ben Thompson is the IBM App Connect Enterprise / IBM Integration Bus Chief Architect. Based at IBM’s Hursley software development lab in the UK, he is responsible for setting the technical and functional direction of the product, and driving external client and business partner relationships. Before working in the IIB development team, he was in IBM Software Services designing and implementing Middleware solutions for 8 years, performing over 100 client engagements in over 25 countries world-wide.

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