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Accelerate flow creation with Templates in IBM App Connect 

Fri July 10, 2020 09:59 AM

We are excited to announce the introduction of a templates gallery in IBM App Connect. This new gallery provides a collection of pre-built end-to-end flows that solve real world use cases. Templates allow you to create flows even faster and rapidly achieve value out of App Connect. While they offer full solutions, they are also customisable for your integration requirements.

To get started simply click on the new ‘Templates’ tab:

Figure 1. Template tab in App Connect Designer.

Here you can view and search the available templates. Click on one to view more details:

Figure 2. Template dialog showing details of a template.

From the dialog you can then press ‘Create flow’ to create a new flow from the template. It will open the editor for that flow, so you can connect your accounts and customise the flow to your exact requirements. The new flow will appear on your dashboard in exactly the same way as any flow you have created from scratch.

We expect the collection of templates to grow quickly. Please let us know if there are any templates you would like to see in the gallery.



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