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Welcome to the community group for discussion, blogging, and other community resources about IBM App Connect, IBM Integration Bus, and their industry packs, including App Connect as part of IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, on IBM Cloud, IBM App Connect Enterprise software and certified container, and more.

For discussion and community resources for IBM App Connect as part of the IBM Cloud Paks for Integration, see also the IBM Cloud Paks for Integration community group.

Parent group: This IBM App Connect community is part of the IBM Cloud Integration global community group.

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  • Thanks Mathias for your response. Appreciate your suggestion with CMDB for multi url routing. we need to handle few URL( at least 2 to 3 ) at this stage. Since new api request url comes with new changes in request body data( from v1 to v2), then we ...

  • Up to now I never made good experiences with putting the version number into flowname I say no to, - TEST.1.0.0.msgflow, TEST.2.0.0.msgflow Reason: Whenever someone updates the message flow - you need to remember not to forget to change the name of the ...

  • Thanks for your response, Scenario is : Message Flow - TEST.msgflow has HTTP Input node with url (/test/ v1 /sample/) and we need to accommodate new API request which will be exposed by either new flow or same flow with new url(/test/ v2 /sample/). ...

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  • Are you looking for some details on how to code for the development of a mobile app? That’s an interesting thing to do. But before you step ahead, you need to choose the programming language . There are so many types of mobile apps. Some of these ...

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  • We are very pleased to announce we’ve just released the latest version of the App Connect operator (v1.1.0) which forms part of CP4i 2020.4.1 and ACE Certified Container v4.1.0. This release contains key capability and support positioning that will ...

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  • Co Author: Arun Kumar ( ) How can you accelerate your organization's Digital Transformation needs to meet the opportunities and disruptions facing your market? The only best option was to leverage the assets on IBM ...

  • This is the second of our quarterly IBM App Connect, Customer Connect newsletters. In this edition we share a recap of 2020 and take a look at some of the highlights for 2021. We share details about IBM Cloud Pak for Integration releases and ...

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  • IBM App Connect Enterprise v11.0.0.11 is the eleventh fix pack released for App Connect Enterprise software. We provide regular fix packs, approximately once per quarter, which often also include new functional enhancements as well as regular product ...

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