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  • To add hostname for eth1, go to default domain, host alias, add the fully qualified hostname. Switch to App domain, create self signed cert for the hostname what you added in default domain and complete the steps.

  • Thank you for the input, I will add a new host name to eth1 ip and test again. ------------------------------ Sarada Sahoo ------------------------------

  • I missed your note. As you stated, eth0 is used by other service, your choice is eth1, add hostname for eth1 and follow the same process. you are good to go. without hostname you will not able to make it work, as there is no cert info being availabl ...

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  • Things ‘Everybody Knows’ about governance: Governance is important. Governance provides controls. Governance enforces consistency. Governance appears to reduce the velocity of development. Governance does not provide value but it does reduce ...

  • IBM API Connect v10 is now available for new Reserved Instances on IBM Cloud. Reserved Instance is our single-tenant IBM managed SaaS deployment of API Connect and with this latest upgrade, we have new and exciting new capabilities for ...

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  • “ API usage, and the need to govern it, is increasing rapidly driven by remote working, platforms, ecosystems, innovations, digital transformations and regulations. ”* With this statement Gartner introduces their 2020 Magic Quadrant ...

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  • Thinking about API Governance can be exhaustive and overwhelming. We have one of our best SWAT architects - Chris Phillips has written a series of articles on the different aspects of governance and how API Connect can help you in this regard. ...

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  • To enable a central location for Digital Transformation and API related articles published by other news sites, I am providing a link on the IBM Communities site (this site) to the other sources. Here is the link to the podcast published on the ...

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