Enhanced Data Security & Control with IBM Aspera’s “Bring Your Own Key” webinar recording & slides 

Wed October 14, 2020 12:21 AM

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Webinar Summary

Secure and effective management of content encryption keys is a notable challenge faced by organizations adopting a multi-cloud approach for their operations. IBM Aspera on Cloud's BYOK represents a multi-cloud key management solution purpose-built to address this challenge. BYOK effectively shifts the control of content encryption keys from cloud object storage and transfer service providers to the customers themselves.

This session shows and discusses the major benefits of BYOK in Aspera on Cloud, which include:

  • A two-tiered envelope encryption model that enables support of fundamental key management capabilities without allowing access to the root key stored in IBM Key Protect
  • Minimal configuration time needed to set up with no customization necessary to the Aspera on Cloud data transfer workflows.

A multi-cloud capable solution that is compatible with multiple cloud-service providers and is built with further extensibility in mind (i.e., other 3rd-party Key Management Services).


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