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Value of Migrating PeopleSoft to the Cloud

By Tim Stone posted Wed June 03, 2020 05:59 PM


To leverage technologies such as AI and IoT, a cloud platform need to be a part of your base. If your company is not part of the 75 percent of enterprises using the cloud, your strategy could be impeding business growth and cost profits.

With the popularization of cloud computing and SaaS, many CFOs and CIOs are asking the large property needed to implement, host, and manage ERP purposes. In fact, CFOs see it increasingly exciting to support Capital Budget calls for new ERP applications or even new modules within their current ERP support.

So, there is constant stress on Operational Budgets. IT managers are being required to do more with less year after year, through needing to closely control their current PeopleSoft conditions, hardware investments, hosting costs, and the costs of the associated support. Cloud computing can give relief from these difficulties. 

In fact, in a new survey, the FERF and technology report firm Gartner discovered that 53 percent of CFOs acknowledge that more than half of their business applications and activities will be delivered on via cloud-based computing through software as assistance over the near four years. 

Why Move to Oracle Cloud?

Have you thought of migrating PeopleSoft to cloud for better production and improved cost profits? Do management and support efforts require critical hours or manual labor? Is the application unable to scale in terms of adding users and situations quickly? Is real hardware weak to deliver the products required for business process/application demands? If your answer to any of these is yes, then you must move your PeopleSoft app to Oracle cloud to overcome the support costs and deliver high production.

An expert in migrating PeopleSoft application to Oracle Cloud, automates and expedites the migration method enabling clients to run their PeopleSoft settings in Oracle IaaS and PaaS with lots of ease. 

Advantages of Running PeopleSoft on OCI

Given how vital PeopleSoft is to your current and future operations, there may be important drivers helping you to look into migrating it to the Cloud. Just put, you may be looking to optimize expenses and improve services. Running your business-critical PeopleSoft statement on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can help you achieve both.

PeopleSoft on OCI: Optimize Costs

You can protect up to 38 percent in costs by running PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure versus going it on-premises. Optimize your expenses by reducing upfront hardware, ongoing facilities, resource-intensive IT management, and support costs.

For instance, let’s say you need a crash recovery condition for PeopleSoft. Including the Oracle Cloud, you can stand up DR fast and cost-effectively without extra hardware or facilities. This is a vital saving, especially if data center administration is not strategic to your company.

You can also optimize IT costs by moving right-sized at all times. By running PeopleSoft in the Oracle Cloud, you can relieve the pain of constant space planning and eliminate the need to overprovision your high-value support in order to provide for busy seasons.

OCI also offers important cost services for PeopleSoft over other clouds. Due to the important price-performance choices for core, compute, networking, and storage services, it can be half the cost to run PeopleSoft on the Oracle Cloud versus on competing clouds.

PeopleSoft on OCI: Improve Operations

By working PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you can get the agility to add sources for growth and busy periods. You can spin up and teardown new improvement, QA, and production environments instantly. You can also scale database centers up and down with no downtime and speed up your energy to bring in new features and combinations.

Also, you can upgrade your PeopleSoft performance. Customers have increased their PeopleSoft performance on the Oracle Cloud because it was built from the ground up to deliver better performance for complex production environment consistently. 

Oracle’s core computing and block volume services consistently exceed the competition, and you can achieve the greatest level of database performance with unusual presents like RAC and Exadata.

By going to Oracle’s high-capacity cloud support, you can support future growth and scalability without sacrificing performance. Oracle stands behind its superior appearance and backs it up with service-level adjustments.

Lastly, Oracle is the only Cloud that allows customers to automate the lifecycle control of PeopleSoft using PeopleSoft Cloud Manager. This tool allows you to set and save your deployments as templates. By setting once, you can deploy multiple times fast, enable one-click self-service provisioning, automatically download and apply patches or upgrades, safely test and assess new features and customizations in PeopleSoft Update Manager settings. You can use new PeopleSoft features faster by briefly creating parallel situations in the Cloud.