API Connect

Workaround to access API Manager directly

By Ricky Moorhouse posted Mon September 24, 2018 02:44 PM


If you can't access your API Connect instance via the IBM Cloud dashboard, then you can
still access your API Manager instance by going directly

If you only have one instance in the region

Then you can simply click the appropriate region-specific URL:

If you multiple instances in the region

List your API Manager instances

Click the appropriate region-specific URL:

Identify the ID for the instance you want

The previous call returns a JSON object which is an array of APIC instances. For example

"id": "56fbb7830cf2ec5f1ac7e5e4",
"name": "api-connect-ops",
"displayName": "API Connect (ops)",
"orgType": "apiProvider",
"id": "5735f66f0cf27771d43aadf8",
"name": "api-connect-experiment",
"displayName": "API Connect (Experiment)",
"orgType": "apiProvider",

Use the Name and displayName fields to identify the instance you want,
then copy the value of the id field.

Access directly using this URL

Construct and launch the appropriate region-specific URL:

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