Austin User Group: IBM Cloud Application Platform

Welcome to the IBM Cloud Application Platform (ICAP) user group

By Michael Thompson posted Tue October 16, 2018 11:32 AM


The industry is changing and so the Austin WebSphere User Group is changing too.

Back in August, we created a mini survey with the goal to re-launch Austin WebSphere User Group with new purpose and relevance. We wanted to transform the long-standing Austin WUG community and re-shape it to encompass the original WebSphere purpose of the community and to embrace the new way of doing IT: agile, cloud, devops, containers, microservices, you name it.

These new practices, tools, technologies and platforms are becoming critical to the success of every business. How does WebSphere fit into the picture? How does IBM software help build better business outcomes? What are others doing in the Austin area? What does all of this new stuff mean to my business anyway?

The WebSphere User Group has served as a valuable resource in the past, and these are the questions we will answer together as a community as we head into the future. We are resurrecting this community to be a place where we can connect, share and grow together.

Welcome to the IBM Cloud Application Platform (ICAP) user group.

Join us at IBM, for the first of many meet ups to come, on Nov 5 from 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM where guest speaker Alasdair Nottingham will present Moving to the Cloud with Open Liberty.