What's new in Acoustic Campaign (formerly Watson Campaign Automation), August & September 2019

By Leah Backus posted Tue October 01, 2019 02:27 PM

September 2019

Holiday Readiness Program 2019

Prepare for the upcoming holiday season with Acoustic’s new 2019 Holiday Readiness Program. Download our product-specific guidelines for recommendations to optimize peak program activity. To learn more and access our Holiday Readiness webinars, check out this blog post.

Our Support and Services team is available to help make your peak season successful. If you should need any assistance, please let us know how we can help. For information on contacting Support and related processes, and links to sign up for outage notifications, see the Acoustic Support Handbook.

New experience for managing scheduled and sent email

We introduced big improvements for the way you view and manage emails. We've consolidated two views into one, so you now have a single location to manage scheduled, sent, and cancelled email. Filters allow you to see just what you need. Click on any email to open a new, comprehensive details page with an expandable preview window. Easily view and replace images included in your email. For more details, read our blog post.

Updated terminology

Throughout the user interface and our documentation, we're making changes to our terminology to reflect more commonly used industry terms. For example, we're replacing mailing with email and new template with new email.

Advances in automation

Keep your sales and customer relationships up to date automatically with a program. Use your CRM-integrated database as your contact source and easily sync contacts back to your CRM campaign. If you use Salesforce, you can also add contacts with a defined status.

August 2019

Improved program performance

Any programs that have had no contact activity within the last 450 days will be deactivated, which will help programs performance for everyone. The last user and the principal administrator will be notified before the program is deactivated with next steps.

Salesforce CRMi Integration Module 1.29

We fixed an issue with the Salesforce CRMi Integration Module version 1.28 which was designed to work with the Salesforce Lightening user interface. In the upgraded version 1.29 package, you'll see all previous and new templates that were synced and visible in your Salesforce account. You will not see deleted templates. You can download the package here:

Performance Insights table enhancement
We added the ability to resize table columns and use drag & drop to re-order columns.