What's new in Acoustic Campaign (formerly Watson Campaign Automation), July 2019

By Leah Backus posted Wed July 31, 2019 03:56 PM

July brought some big changes to Campaign!

Watson Campaign Automation is now Acoustic Campaign

Our products are being renamed to reflect our new brand. You'll soon see the updates across our documentation and in the product interface. Read more about the changes >

Improved navigation
We listened to your feedback and updated the main navigation. When you click to expand the menu, it will appear in a column rather than expanding to the right. Additionally, we have streamlined menu choices. Read all the details and let us know what you think >

Programs has a new look
We’ve moved the insights panel from the right of your canvas to the left. Now, when you go to your panel for step, configuration, or count details, your palette won’t be covered. Is the panel covering something on your canvas? Just click and drag to move the canvas around or simply minimize your panel.
We also enhanced your Performance Insights experience. 

Export your reports to Excel
Now you can export an entire report, with all of your widgets, to a single Excel file. Each widget can be viewed in its own tab. Ready to start exporting? From the Report menu, click Export Excel.

Audience management page Updates
View the history for each of your audiences. Simply go to the audience management screen and click on an audience name. The history includes all the audience change details, such as the size of the audience, the status, and the date. 
We've changed the audience status of "Complete" to "Active" to make it easier for you to know when audience is ready to be used as a report filter. Remember that you can only have 10 active audiences, so if you need to add a new audience when 10 are already active, you'll have to first disable an active audience before adding your new one. 

Filter modal updates 
Filter your reports more easily. Now, when filtering an entire report by mailing name, contact source name, program name, or subject line, the filter modal will show all options of emails, contact sources, programs, or subject lines FIRST. This will allow you to be able to quickly choose more than ten mailings within the email overview reports.