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What’s new with Campaign Automation, April 2019

By Leah Backus posted Wed May 01, 2019 12:23 PM


Here’s what we added in April.


Improved inbox monitoring
Gain better insights and realize greater yields on your email marketing efforts by understanding how global inbox providers will deliver your emails. To access the new report, go to Reporting > Inbox monitoring. A high-level overview provides deliverability results at a glance with charts and trends. Clicking on any email subject line displays full details for that individual email. Inbox monitoring is a pay-per-use feature. To enable inbox monitoring, go the mailing settings in your organization settings. 


Include personalized, shortened links in SMS messages

With the Campaign Automation link shortening service, you can shorten up to five URLs in any SMS message. The shortened URLs are valid for 30 days. The Campaign Automation link shortening service is available for all SMS clients, except for those who currently use the Bitly integration. If you are using the Bitly integration but would like to switch over to the Campaign Automation link shortening service, contact IBM support.


It’s easier and faster to delete multiple DLA sites

Now it's possible to delete multiple sites at once by uploading a comma-separated values file (CSV file) in Device Location Awareness. Specify the sites you want to delete in the freshly exported file and import the edited CSV file to delete the sites. Yes, it's that easy! For details, see “How do I delete multiple sites?”


Limitation on password reset

To increase security, we have introduced a change to the password reset process. There is now a limitation to how many times you can click the Password reset link without actually completing the password reset process. The limit is 8 times per day. If you exceed the daily limit, your account will be disabled, and you will need to contact an organization administrator to resolve the issue.