What's New in Acoustic Experience Analytics (Tealeaf), September 2019

By Geoffrey Reilly posted Mon September 23, 2019 10:36 AM


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Rebranding IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience

We’ve started to apply Acoustic branding to the user interface!

When you log in to the system in September, you’ll see a rebranded log in page:

New Acoustic log in

Additionally, you’ll see changes to the banner and color schemes that reflect the Acoustic brand:

Rebranded Banner

Email notifications have also been rebranded.

Note: Rebranding the product and documentation will span several releases, so you’re still going to see remnants of the IBM brand in the September release.

Holiday Readiness Program 2019

Bring it on, holidays! Be prepared for the upcoming holiday season with Acoustic’s new 2019 Holiday Readiness Program. Download our product-specific guidelines for recommendations to optimize peak program activity. To learn more and access our Holiday Readiness webinars and guidelines, check out this blog post.

Our Support and Services team is available to help make your peak season successful. If you should need any assistance, please let us know how we can help.

For information on contacting Support and related processes, and links to sign up for outage notifications, check out our Acoustic Support Handbook.

A mouse with a tail is easy to trail!

In the August 2019 release, we added a configuration setting to show the user’s mouse movement when replaying the session with Auto Replay.

In the latest release, we enhanced Show mouse movement where you can specify how you want the mouse movement to render in Auto Replay.

Mouse Movement Configuration Options

Check out what mouse movement looks like in Auto Replay with a Permanent trail configuration setting:

Check out what mouse movement looks like in Auto Replay with a Fading trail configuration setting:

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Slow Replay? Let’s figure it out together!

So, you click Replay session to load a session from search results page to Repay, and you notice the session is taking longer than usual to render.

Once the session does load, you also notice that when you select a page from the navigation list, it also takes longer than usual to load in the view area.

You want answers and you want them fast, so you open a support ticket describing the issue. But sometimes a description alone is not enough. To help our support team troubleshoot a slow replay, we added a Loading details feature to Replay.

Get Page Load details

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Usability improvements to Snapshot Gallery!

We made several usability improvements to Acoustic Overstat (Snapshot Gallery):

Applying the latest design principals to the Snapshot Gallery toolbar

In the August 2019 release, we enhanced Replay by updating and re-positioning icons to improve the user experience.

In this release, we applied similar design principals to Snapshot Gallery by positioning icons for those actions common to all Overlays to the far-right area of the toolbar. The icons are implemented in the same style used in Replay:

New Overlay Toolbar

Links added to the table view of Overlay reports

Previously, the only way to drill-down to a list of sessions from an Overlay report was to hover over a data point in the chart or graph and click View Sessions.

Drill down to sessions
With this enhancement, we added links the table view in the Overlay report.

Drill down to sessions

The enhancement provides “link parity” for the different report views and is helpful to users who like to work in the grid view of the report.

Latest SDK version added to the UIC configuration wizard

We added Version 5.6.0 of the SDK to the configuration wizard for the UIC:

Updates to UIC configuration

Note: Version 5.3.0 of the SDK is deprecated and is no-longer supported.