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By David Miller posted Fri May 17, 2019 11:31 AM

Last update: July 17, 2019
Our team's goal for our Campaign Automation platform is simple and unwavering. It is to provide the most streamlined, modern and effective application to design and execute multichannel marketing campaigns. 

This past winter, we released the most significant navigation update in years while also updating authentication. It was a major success on many levels. However, we can always do better - and we continue to innovate. After speaking with many users since the winter upgrades, we have further updated the navigation and grouping of information to streamline how you work. You can see the navigation design in the animated image below. This update deployed July 16-17, 2019.  

So, what exactly changed? 
The navigation menu interaction has changed. It is now a cascading drop-down menu that does not pop-out to the right. And, the "hover" behavior of the menu has changed - which many of our users requested.  

You are still able to hide the menu or expand and collapse it using the convenient buttons at the top and the bottom. When you navigate to any page, the menu automatically returns to its narrow state to give you the space you need to do your work.
We also streamlined the menu by removing the "Manage" and "Create" linksAnd don't forget you can use My products to show or hide menu items and pin any page to Top pages so you can easily access them while you're working
In addition to the menu's fresh new look, some of the options have been re-grouped. Hopefully you will find this more logical and intuitive. Comparisons of many of the changes are provided below. 



Reporting Menu

Data Menu 

Email Menu

Mobile App Menu


SMS Menu 

Programs Menu

Scoring Menu 

Applications Menu 


Settings Menu


These changes are also documented in this Knowledge Center article

We need your feedback. 
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We are excited for our newest design and hope that you are too.

In addition to the menu navigation enhancements, we have delivered other updates. A few of these are listed below (click the links to view details): 

More is planned - and your input is critical. Please continue to provide it. 

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