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Tealeaf #10at20: Celebrating a web pioneer still blazing the path forward 20 years later

By Brian Donnelly posted Mon August 27, 2018 11:34 PM


20 years ago the web was a different place. Getting online was a bit of a challenge in its own right (listen to the modem screech and cross your fingers), and once you were on? Forget it. Maybe you'd find some information, some entertainment, maybe you'd communicate with someone or buy something small like a book. But trusting that UI with a big transaction? Putting your personal info up there? Completing a task as trivial as downloading a picture in a timely manner? Better cross your fingers again.

Then the savviest of the first web pros realized, I can't just throw up a site and walk away any more than I could build a brick and mortar store and leave it untended. This site needs to be watched over, the customers tended to, their problems and successes understood, their experiences considered. From this need came Tealeaf, an independent behavioral analytics solution.

That was 1998. As much as the web has gotten better, so has Tealeaf - now delivered from the cloud and imbued with Watson AI features like:

  • Anomaly detection that not only alerts you to sudden user behavior abnormalities - whether good (like conversion) or bad (like abandonment) - but the reasons behind it.
  • Struggle analytics keeps you running smoothly by alerting you to user friction, quantifying impact, and visually reproducing the issue.
  • Watson Assistant - a time saver that allows you to interface with Tealeaf as you would text a colleague - and one that learns your business and anticipates your needs as he goes.

But that's not all. We still have a robust on-premises product and a hybrid model that allows users who want to keep data on premises to leverage SaaS features. We understand on-premises software users have reasons for sticking to their deployment model as we move further into the age of the cloud. For many, their on-premises solution is tried and true, and they see no reason to change. For others, unique industry considerations preclude SaaS models.

How could you not appreciate the original? Tealeaf on-premises became the trusted industry standard across so many verticals, including financial services, healthcare, insurance, travel, retail, airlines, and telecommunications thanks to:

  • Incredible breadth of data: captures all traffic, all the time.
  • Far and away the most sophisticated eventing engine for advanced analytics.
  • Straightforward deployment backed by IBM training and analytics guidance.
  • From web development to conversion optimization to customer service to fraud detection, Tealeaf provides support across the enterprise.

The best news of all? Tealeaf is getting even better with the planned release of version 10 in the first half of 2019.

With v10, Tealeaf users can expect:

  • Better data integration with other solutions via Universal Behavior Exchange
  • High-performance browser-based replay
  • Mobile enhancements and simplification
  • Efficiency-boosting UI improvements

In the coming months, you'll hear more about all the great things happening with Tealeaf as we celebrate 10at20.

Like to hear more about how Tealeaf can help your business? Contact your IBM representative and request a consultation, or visit our marketplace page. And remember to check the blog going forward for updates on v10 and other Tealeaf-world happenings.

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Thu November 01, 2018 01:00 PM

Great Blog Brian.  Let's keep blazing the path forward.