Campaign Product Update - Scheduled and Sent Email Improvements

By Beth White posted Tue August 06, 2019 12:22 PM

We know it's important to manage future, present, and past mailings in one view, so we are excited to announce the Scheduled and Sent management view in Acoustic Campaign (formerly known as Watson Campaign Automation).

We've been talking with and listening to our users. We hope that you notice the influence in the three areas below in the new Scheduled and Sent page. 

Viewing scheduled and sent emails

Now, you are able to see the scheduled and sent information in one consolidated view:
  • A single column indicates the current status of each email - scheduled, sent or cancelled
  • You can unschedule a mailing and it is marked as "cancelled" (not "sent")
  • Search and filter your emails on this page
Scheduled and sent with filters

Scheduled and sent Unscheduled action- cancel warning
It's all about the details
Click any email, no matter its status, to open the details page. There's a preview window to view the email, and you have the option to expand the preview to see the entire email in a scrollable window.
  • Performance metrics, like clicks and opens, are presented at the top, followed by other email and sent statistics
  • Scroll down to find details like who sent the email, report ID, mailing ID, from address, reply-to address, inbox monitoring enabled or disabled, and any dynamic content used in the message
  • Click on Images next to Preview to update images to after you send an email that are hosted on the Acoustic Campaign server.  Learn more about this Image swap feature here

Sent details page

What's next?
  1. We are considering creating a calendar view with the same scheduled and sent details
  2. Link swap will be moved to the same area as Image Swap the new email preview area
  3. Column customization
  4. Copy a sent mailing

Let's chat! We'd love to get your feedback, to have you participate in design research, and to have you contribute to the ideas portal. Check the links below to:

What do you think of the new Scheduled and Sent management page? Let us know in the comments section below.