Attention Acoustic Journey Analytics (formerly IBM Journey Analytics) customers!

By Ana Cardenas posted Thu August 22, 2019 11:03 AM

Acoustic Analytics is making changes to improve your experience. "Journey stages" have replaced "Mindsets" in our latest release.

Original mindset:

Journey Stages

What are Journey stages?
The Journey stages report lets you track customer engagement throughout your brand's lifecycle. You can track your customers from the time they are just learning about your brand to when they become advocates, and each step in between.

Like mindsets, there are five key stages represented in the Journey stages report. Each journey stage encompasses different types of interactions across the user experience.
  • Aware - customers in this stage are just starting to learn about your brand and what it has to offer. For example, customers might search web pages and watch videos to learn more about your product. 
  • Considering - customers in this stage are looking at options available to them. For example, customers might view a product or read a product review.
  • Deciding - customers in this stage are purchasing your product or service. For example, customers might redeem a coupon.
  • Succeeding - customers in this stage are your users. For example, customers might install your app on their mobile phone.
  • Loyal - customers in this stage are promoting your product or service. For example, customers might share your product on social media.

Why is it different from mindsets?
While other reports let you track customer engagement throughout your brand's lifecycle, journey stages let you do more! Unlike the Mindsets report, which only shows a snapshot of your customers in each stage, the Journey stages report also shows you the customers that are transitioning from stage to stage. Here are a couple additional features journey stages have to offer.

You can now configure your own stages and set target goals at each stage. Journey stages will track the progress of those goals. Previously with Mindsets, you had to contact Support to configure your stages.

Whether you're interested in an audience in a stage, or you are interested in an audience moving from one stage to the next stage, you'll have options to analyze further.

What can I expect?
If you are an existing customer with customized mindsets, the journey stage report simply replaces your mindsets report. You'll find Journey stages in the Overview dashboard.

If you are not already using mindsets, but want to start using Journey stages, you will be directed to create the new report and data will be available in the Overview dashboard after a couple of days.

We are always looking to improve. If you have any suggestions on how we can make Journey stages better, please go to our AHA Ideas portal to share your ideas.