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Hiding Person Records 

Sun March 08, 2020 07:22 PM

Hiding Person Records in Select Owner Window and the People Application

This procedure allows you to hide a person in the Select Owner window.

The issue
The People application does not allow you to inactivate a person who has been associated with a ticket or work order. By default, the Select Owner window displays all person records that are active.

The impact
When people leave your company but have been associated with an item, it is difficult to make their person records inactive. Because these people continue to appear in the Select Owner window, users can assign items to them.

The goal
Provide a configurable approach to hiding person records in the Select Owner window and the People application.

There are two parts to this solution. You can implement either or both parts.

  • Hide people who have been marked as hidden when users choose Select Owner from the Select Value menu in all Ticket and Work Order applications.
  • Hide people who have been marked as hidden when users select the Go To People application option.

Solution 1: Hide from Select Owner window

  1. In the Database Configuration application, add a YORN attribute called HIDE to the person record.
  2. Add this line to the View Select statement on the PERSONGROUPVIEW Object
    person.hide as hide
  3. Select the Persons relationship on the Ticket object.
    • In the Where Clause, specify Hide=0.
  4. Repeat Step 3 on the Workorder object.
  5. Configure the database. For information on configuring the database, see Database Configuration online help.
  6. In the Application Designer, open the People application and expose the Hide attribute.


A Person Record that does not display in the Select Owner window



Solution 2: Hide from Go To People application

You need to restrict the display of person records when users select Go To People application.

Before you begin
In the Conditional Expression Manager, create the expression :HIDE=0. For information on building conditional expressions, see the Conditional Expression Manager online help.

  1. Open the Security Groups application.
    • Create a security group called Hidden to add users to that group.
    • Add an object restriction to an existing security group to restrict all users in that group.
  2. On the Data Restrictions tab, select the Object Restrictions tab.
  3. In the Object field, specify the Person table.
  4. In the Condition field, click Detail Menu and choose Select Value to select the expression :Hide=0.



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