Graphical Work Week

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Graphical Work Week 

Fri July 24, 2020 12:09 PM

Graphical Work Week

A new application available with Scheduler 7.6.8 release

One application to Schedule and Assign work

–Schedule based on resource load/availability
–Double click to assign work
–Double click to modify availability of labor or crew

Based on Assignment Manager Functionality

–Provide only the Calendar/Shift(s) to pull in all work and resources
–Top/Bottom (Work/Resource) view
–Assignments and work/tasks in one flat view


–Long duration work assigned on double click
–Weekly Labor Allocation values
–Color indicators for modified availability and allocation

5 min Recorded Demo

Graphical Work Week (GWW) is a modernization of the simple use cases available from the Assignment Manager application.
GWW was never intended to cover the more complex use cases such as functionality for appointments, work zones, geolocations, work dependencies, parallel assignments, optimization these will continue to be available in the Graphical Assignment (GA) application.

Graphical Work Week is designed for simple, moderate-volume scheduling and assigning of work orders and tasks to labor and crews over 1-3 weeks.
The application was designed for ease of use by supervisors, team leads, and self-directed team members, based on customer requests for a dedicated app for the simpler use cases in our graphical scheduling portfolio.
The application performs best if the record count is 500 or less, 3 shifts or less in a time span of 3 weeks or less. It purposely omits some of the advanced features of Graphical Assignment (like hierarchies, tools, and optimization) in favor of a more streamlined experience in a compact data set.


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Tue September 07, 2021 03:12 PM

this is a great summary, lots of value in GWW