Graphical Scheduling - Large Project

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Graphical Scheduling - Large Project 

Fri March 20, 2020 12:19 PM

Graphical Scheduling - Large Project (GS-LP)

Why a new Scheduling application?
Customers required the ability to schedule large project with 10s of thousands of records and the Graphical Scheduling (GS) application puts all records into the browser's memory and therefore limits the size of the schedule.  GS-LP introduces server side paging, sorting, filtering etcetera in order to accommodate large projects with this volume of records.

GS-LP differences from GS

  • Similar functionality as Graphical Scheduling (GS) with changes to accommodate the server side paging
  • Work Order hierarchy brought in collapsed
  • Paged Work View by high level of hierarchy
  • Changes are saved to Scheduler tables automatically – no save action required
  • Work Order data types only – no forecasted PMs
  • Calculations against the whole schedule will take considerable longer when not in memory
    • Calculate CPM
    • Calculate Percent Complete
    • Work cost
    • Compliance
  • Resources only on demand
  • Calculate parent WO start/end times based on children

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Graphical Scheduling - Large Project
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