An Industrial Market Overview & Point of View of Automation, Robotics, ELM, Systems Engineering, Data Analytics, and AI 

Tue October 26, 2021 03:46 PM

This webinar will show how IT will become decentralized, open, and secure. How automation will fuel the future of work and winners will scale the value of data with Technology. How operational Leaders are Making the Decision to Advance in Technology Especially Automation, Robotics, ELM, Systems Engineering, Data Analytics, and AI. How the Industrial Market has the Largest Global Investment that Create Value by Integrating People,
Strategy, Process and Technology.

What is Integrated Systems Engineering and IBM’s Eminence in Action. IBM Advances with Partners using Channels – Consortiums, Research Labs, and Academia. Smart Manufacturing and Predictive Maintenance along with Demand forecast and Increase Productivity. Integrating Lean Six Sigma and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we can answer questions we couldn’t answer before.

Current Industrial Market Use Cases From our Clients and how Technology is Transforming how Businesses Operate.


Presenter: Jeffrey A. Baetz, IBM Global CTO / Cross Industry: IBM Cloud and Cognitive



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